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Anyone else really angry that Dick Cheney is still speechmaking?

Asked by janbb (55559points) May 21st, 2009

I am really p.o.‘d that Dick Cheney has taken on the role of leader of the opposition. I particularly blame the media for giving him a platform. Every other headline seems to be about him. (Thank you, CNN.) Whatever happened to “lead, follow or get out of the way?”

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The problem with freedom of speech is that all people, including those you disagree with, have the right to say whatever they want.

Also, he is trying to lead, it’s not like he’s doing it for the sheer pleasure of speaking his mind.

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Cheney still has the right to free speech as do the rest of Americans.

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The only ones who should be angry are those who want to save the Republican party….. The man has like 13% approval ratings and everytime he speaks he puts himself up as a figurehead of the Republican party…. and makes the Democrats look amazing.

So long as men like Cheney look to be in charge of the party, and making the same old arguments that the majority of the country disagrees with… the Democrats will be in power. In fact if they don’t start turning this around quickly they’re gonna lose even more seats in congress in 2010.

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“Angry”? No, not remotely. Amused, surprised, and pitying. He smacks of the ultimate sore loser. Everytime he makes an appearance, I feel it justified to laugh at him just a little more, and celebrate the fact that his party didn’t win.

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I agree 100% with @westy81585 – and am loving every minute of it.

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I third what @westy81585 and @cprevite say.

I look forward to a Republican party that’s led by Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh. This will pave the way for a different party made up of paleoconservatives and former Republicans in the vein of Colin Powell and William Weld.

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I’m more upset at the media for allowing him to be such an influence in the name of the Republican party. Just like Rush Limbaugh and Elizabeth Hasselbeck… People can say/print what they want, but it’s almost like we are brainwashed to think that all Republicans are like this now. It’s very sad.

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Everyone agrees with @westy81585 yet no one has given him lurve? Is this the fluther way, jellies?

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@cwilbur: That would be a nice outcome.

@bezdomnaya: I lurved @westy81585. Here, lemme give you some too…mwah!

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@bezdomnaya You need to refresh the page, eh? He has 5 by my count.

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He would not have a platform for his speeches if they weren’t true or at least believed to be true by many others. If you don’t agree with the freedom of speech or say it has “problems” move to another country where your thoughts can not be expressed.

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Even as a die hard Democrat, I look forward to the day the Republicans come back more towards the center…. We need at least two parties, to keep each other in check… When one is THIS down the tubes, it can lead to the other getting too “cocky” if you will.

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ZOMG, what a fairy tale.

And, CNN’s post-speech analysis today was embarrassingly bad. I felt like I was watching a middle school debate team.

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Thanks everyone for your responses. I do believe in free speech and I do believe in a two-party system; I just feel that Cheney had his turn, and is now on defensive attack mode and the media is pandering to it. I would like some one other than him or Rush Limbaugh to lead the Republican Party.

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It is showing him to be the wacky nut job we all knew he was. The fact that he is speaking highly of Rush Limbaugh is gravy. Thank you Mr. Cheney, keep up the good work.

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…people like cheney, leaders, represent constituents’ opinions and sometimes their own opinions, as well…it is the american way…

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@janbb…Should we have told Al Gore to shut up?

Remember: I am not on any side but my own. I just hate it when anyone in this country is told to “shut up” by folks who call themselves Americans.

Sean Hannity and Chris Mathews are both pretentious, close minded douche-bags.

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is he still alive? he looked dead 20 years ago

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I’m gonna ditto all that. Cheney, like everyone else, has the right to free speech, even if he was de facto President for the last 8 years. Indeed, it is former national leaders who are paid the most for their speeches. I’ve read that the main reason Bush II even wanted to be Prez was so he could make an assload of money on the speaking circuit. In the same way that it would be nice if Rush were to STFU, it would be nice if Cheney were to STFU, but they both have the right to say whatever stupid ass thing they want. However, as do many others, I take it as a mixed blessing, his words these days seem 100% out of touch with reality, and the more he speaks the more people move away from his dangerous mindset. So I think ultimately, it’s for the good of the country if he doesn’t disappear with his tail between his legs, lest people forget how batshit crazy the neocons were and we end up repeating the same mistakes.

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I’m angry with him, but take heart with the fact that his policies were roundly repudiated!

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Free speech allows Cheney to say whatever damnfool things he wants.

Free speech also allows the rest of us to say that Cheney is saying damnfool things, and it would be better for his party if he would sit down and shut up, because his nonsense is actively hurting them.

Free speech cuts both ways.

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Yes, Cheney still has the right to free speech as do the rest of Americans. And everyone else has the freedom to ignore him. He’s not in charge anymore and the world is better off.

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Is it possible that Cheney’s speech was orchestrated to distract the public from this?

Must be another one of those “coincidences” I keep hearing about.

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@kevbo Well, considering the Cheneys speech was planned before Obama was even elected to office (and the fact that Cheney hates everything to do with Obama) .... I’d say that no, it probably wasn’t meant to be a distraction.

That and MSNBC and CNN were talking about “that” all of yesterday… so I’d say it was a pretty crappy distraction job.

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