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Do you get this problem with Firefox?

Asked by SirBailey (3130points) June 4th, 2009

Using Vista 64 bit, when I use a VIDEO as my wallpaper (instead of a snapshot) I have problems when I close, then reopen Firefox. A window pops up that says it’s already running. I have to go into the Task Manager and delete the Firefox process.

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It happens sometimes. Not often though.

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Specifically if you use a video wallpaper?

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Go to Start > Run
Type in %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\
Right Click the Profile Folder and go to properties.
Uncheck Read only
When asked Select apply to everything

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1. What does that do?

2. I have 3 accounts on the computer. The other 2 accounts have the same setting and do NOT have the problem.

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It should fix your problem. If you have 3 accounts might as well do all 3 of them.

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I like to know what’s behind the computer procedures I follow before I follow them. How will it fix it?

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Hmm, I have 64-bit Vista and have never used a video wallpaper, I kinda want to try it out to see what happens now. (It’s likely you’re running into some kind of problem due to a shortage of RAM, Vista alone can take about 1.5 Gigs of it on some systems, and I get the feeling that a video wallpaper will need to be stored entirely in RAM for the duration of it’s usage, not to mention the fact that Firefox is a RAM thief itself.) I don’t really know what’s up with MrGeneVan’s solution. I mean, it would let programs (and you) modify several things that aren’t particularly important to the way Firefox works (I think), so it should be safe to do (I think), but I have no idea what effect it would have.

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