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What do you think about when you're not thinking about anything?

Asked by live_rose (1223points) May 21st, 2009

It’s not one of those tree falling does it make a sound thing it’s just a poorly worded question. When you aren’t talking or concentrating on a task what goes on in your head? I’m acting out stories in my head or reliving movies odd stuff like that. i just wonder what goes on in the mind of normal people when their brain isnt working at a task

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Music, ideas, stories, things I’m working on or wondering about… could be anything.

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I get do you know the way to San Jose stuck in my head and then I think about the bad mistakes I have made. It is a horrible pairing.

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I’m in high school. You should already know…

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I’m writing movies in my head, usually, if I’m not thinking of anything in particular.

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I always have a constant running dialogue in my head, but the contents vary… sometimes second by second. I’m not consciously thinking of any particular thing, just whatever happens to be running through my mind at the moment. Kind of like word association, except in this case it’s one group of thoughts leading to the next and so on. Often, when I stop and notice what I’m thinking about, I have no idea how I got there!

On top of that, there is usually a song stuck in there too, just playing on repeat in the background. At the moment, it’s Vision of Love by Mariah Carey. Damn American Idol finale.

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i think about her.

not current girl in my life, but the one who i spent 7 years with, and walked away when i turned down marriage.

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My brain is always full of ideas, plans, questions and just about everything else. I can’t even imagine ‘not’ thinking.

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Pie :) lol jk. I just think about tha future. Like where ill be 10 years down the road

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When Im not thinking about anything, I’m thinking about how nice it would be to take a nap.

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Food, a nap, the book I am currently reading, or all the things I still have to do within a finite period of time.

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I reminisce about nostalgia.

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Mostly about music or writing.

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@jackfright I know. Stupid mistakes haunt us. I fucked up big time in a similar manner.

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Hey, let’s dance. Cerebellum, you have the bridge. Neocortex out!

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I’ve always got something going in this head of mine.

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I think about music, and funny things. My friend and I have this ongoing back-and-forth rally of word-connections. I don’t have a good term for it… but here’s an example, one he just sent me:

Uncle Tom’s Cabin Fever Pitch. Everything is linked… Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Cabin Fever, Fever Pitch, etc… That’s always kinda funny.

Also I enjoy different languages, so sometimes I think of things in other languages. Or reflecting on dreams that I had.

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^^^ bum-ba-ba-bum-bumbumbum …it’s a gas. Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash.

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There’s always a music thread, a planning, solving, or reminder thread, a triggered-associations thread, and an editorial (running commentary) thread. Sometimes one of those comes into the foreground, but usually they’re just background to whatever I’m focusing on.

I keep the radio on in the car, usually tuned to NPR, to keep a couple of those tracks occupied so I can pay at least some attention to my driving; it’s not really safe otherwise.

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@Blondesjon That’s two times. don’t make me RickRoll you.

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god, all my life at such times, certain commercial jingles and stray phrases i heard as a small child will loop over and over. it’s annoying. and for me, what a timely question: i heard a sad song several days ago. i sing and play a bit and wanted to learn it, so i listened to it many times that morning. and now i can’t get it out of my brain! i’m almost sick of it now. anyway, just sort of “mental tape loops.” otherwise, i’d be actually focused on creating or cleaning or whatever.

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Sex (not always with my girlfriend), my girlfriend (not always having sex), awesome scenes that I could never draw or write out, poetry or music…...pain & heat…......

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• 69ing with the fiancée.
• Traveling America in a motorcoach.
• Building a Web site.
• Kicking my housemates off a steep cliff.
• What is that smell?
• Where is my cat, Inky?
• Why I am not in bed but still on Fluther.
• Paying rent.
• Who’s avatar to spoof next.
• What is FutureMemory doing right now?
• Will my lotto numbers come up if I don’t buy a ticket?
• The ticking of the clock.

Something like that.

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• What is FutureMemory doing right now?

Oh my!

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When I’m not thinking of anything in particular, and my head is wandering, probably sex. Or I think about past situations I could have changed, if I could go back and reverse time. Or I daydream about things still yet to come, things I want to happen.

I think about time, people suffering, where I will be in the future… A lot of stuff actually…

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Super powers, sex, not having to work or pay bills, food, sleeping, people I know and books Im reading. Sometimes a funny comedy skit I saw (like dave chapelle or Katt Williams) will pop up into my head and I will laugh out loud.

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