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Anybody have any great home remedies for curing an absolutely horrid sore throat?

Asked by Seth (302points) May 22nd, 2009

Soothing drinks… that sort of thing? Please… this is killing me.

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Hot tea with honey. I like camomile and peppermint (avoid caffeine, as it is dehydrating).
Frozen pops can help numb your throat, too.

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Tea with honey, works well for a bunch of people I know.

Me? I just chain-smoke ‘til the pain is gone. Actually, that works for every problem.

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well I’m half greek which my grand parents are greek, they’r remedie to cure a cold or sore throat is by boiling my grandfathers uzo and breathing in the steam from it, the alcohol in it will kill any germ or vacteria making you sick and you will feel better very soon.

I dout you have any uzo just lying around but wine ore something should also work.
Good luck

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I’ve heard gargling salt-water works good… but wouldn’t that burn like crazy?

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Salt water actually works good, salt water is used when you have swolen limph nodes because the salt takes the moisture out of the limph nodes making them return to normal size, it doesn’t burn just don’t swallow it.

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I agree with hearkat and Grisaille. However, avoid trying too many remedies, which will just coat your throat with gunk and delay a speedy recovery.

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Warm salt water works for me. Sometimes it will burn a little, but it will really help a lot in the end.

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I agree with the salt water fans—gargling warm salt water is the way to go! I’ll do it as much as once an hour if I need it when I have an icky sore throat. It tastes gross, but I’m confident that it helps heal up my throat. I don’t think it burns too much, actually feels a bit better after. I usually use about a teaspoon of salt to a half-cup of warm water.

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If the sore throat is really excruciating and lasts for more than three days using the excellent home remedies suggested above, get your throat swabbed by Doc. I had a killer strep throat last month and waited for almost 5 days before seeing the Doc.

I c. warm water and 1 teaspoon salt water is a good gargle. It will not sting, and it will soothe a run-of-the -mill sore throat, but it will not bring down swelling in lymph nodes either. Sore nodes are another sign of strep. In my case, I had sinus problems, eye and ear and head aches and general misery, too.

(Things are good but they work well.)

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saki bombing: put shot of saki into a day old beer and chug it. It will probably make you do a spit take put t lest try it. It also works for colds.

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