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What little things make you happy ?

Asked by backinflow (136points) May 22nd, 2009

I try to be happy enjoying the little things.
What are the little things that give you a happy feeling ?

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Not anything, lately. Nature, I guess.

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When I’m having a bad day I at least get a smile from someone that makes me happy

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Being with my family, or at least looking at pictures/videos.

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A certain shade of yellow—daffodil yellow—always makes me smile even when the world seems gray.

There are actually many little things that give me delight. Some of them are very silly because I have a weakness for shiny things and colored things even when they are nothing, like colored paper clips and staples or sparkly decorations. I take pleasure in blossoming flowers and trees. I love it when a coworker leaves me a little treat or when my husband or son does some small favor for me.

I enjoy hearing or seeing someone use just the right word or utter an especially apt phrase. A well composed and artfully crafted piece of writing is as beautiful as music.

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Lagunitas + weed = Crazy Delicious

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You might also enjoy the responses to a previous similar question.

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My daughter greeting me enthusiastically when I get home from work. That’s way up there.

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@madcapper Wow, dude. Maybe she was just trying to be helpful? Calm down…

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@DrasticDreamer haha I’m so calm, I just thought it was a bitchy response and I thought my answer was funny… I’m laughing all alone right now.

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@madcapper Well, I mean… C’mon. She took the time to answer this question, so she was probably just trying to point the asker to another question they would enjoy. I don’t think it was bitchy at all.

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It’s all good… I’m just being silly ( yeah I said it… silly)

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Early sunshine mornings knowing the day will be long and fruitful

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Laughing. Yep, it’s that simple.

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Popping bubble wrap.

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The first hot pink pedicure of spring.

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augustlan says:

Neck hugs from a child. Falling asleep on the couch, using my husband’s thigh as a pillow. Spring green and sunshine. Long afternoon naps. Cuddle time with my girlies. New pens.

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Popping bubble wrap. O_O I have some on my desk. * pops bubble wrap * * is happy *
Oh and physical affection, particularly from girls. I just noticed McBean said popping bubble wrap too * high five * I also tend to absorb positive emotions from other people.

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the smell of grasscutting
big cappucinos
being free
a good book about the middle ages
a little unexpected present

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woah woah what happened to those lat few post I would love to hear…

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What? great answer? how was that a great answer? I was all over the place in the space of about 2 sentences and barely added anything to this discussion. * shakes head *

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@augustlan‘s answer of “new pens” reminded me of another one of mine. Office supplies in general make me happy.

@astrocom: They agreed with you and/or liked how you said it!

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@MacBean ehh, ok. I’d prefer we stick with well thought out answers, but this question is inherently simple, which somewhat contradicts that…curse circumstantial preferences. * shakes fist at self *

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Kids. No matter how bad my day is going.. if a little toddler runs by and does something cute I can’t help but smile.

Also beer.

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A smile from my wife
When one of my cats curls up and sleeps next to me
A day trip to the zoo
Email from friends
A steak dinner with all the trimmings
Beautiful sunsets
Adding new music to my iPod
Seeing a rainbow
Donating to a charity
Listening to a thunderstorm

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I live for the little things.

• Comic Book Wednesdays
• My daughter napping on me
• My wife’s cooking
• My wife snoring
• New podcasts
• Napping at lunch
• Being alone in the car
• A good brunch

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My dogs, how can you not be happy when you have your dog there smiling at you!

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This guy’s comic brightens my Wednesday mornings!

A good cheese sandwich.

Hearing Something in 4/4/ Time by Daryl Hall and Robert Fripp.

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Email from friends
Reading the newspaper in bed
A cold glass of orange juice
Seeds sprouting in the garden
Lurve in the morning

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Drinking a fresh coffee and fluthering.
My son saying “pease” cutest thing ever, and makes me so proud.
I’ll jump on the office supplies bandwagon. I love starting a new semester and getting all new supplies. So much enjoyment.

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Watering my fuchsias and impatiens early on a beautiful morning then a long walk to the beach.
Taking a hot bath at night and then getting into bed with a good book.

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Finishing a knitting project
Warm breeze on a hot day
My kids not fighting and playing nice

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The amazing look my kids get on their faces when they are scanning a crowd and find me – there is nothing like it.
My man’s eyes when he is looking at me.
My white geraniums full of blooms.
My alyssum coming up again after I simply dropped seeds on the ground years ago.
The smell of citrus blossoms.

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Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows

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I just this minute found a robin’s nest with two robin’s-egg-blue eggs in it. It was in a tree above my aromatic pink lilies-of-the-valley. Milo ate a moth. I am on my way to the dump with a month’s worth of recyclebles. All happy events.

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Junk food.

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@augustlan- Lurve for new pens, Auggie. I love pens too. The pen aisle at Staples gets me all hot and bothered.

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Love from my daughter and hubby, being home from NZ and near my family again!

Office supply bandwagon – new pens on fresh paper, the soft side not the back of another peice!!!

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-peeling dried glue off of my fingers
-having a fluffy pillow
-fresh fruit
-dancing naked

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Alone time, hot tea, the outdoors when the weather is perfect.

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Looking out the window and watching chickadees play in the hedges. (I have a mild bird phobia. Love them when there’s something between us. I get nervous if they can get to me.)

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@MacBean I have a little irrational fear of birds myself. I don’t know why but they give me the creeps when they get remotely close to me. Had a nest of blue jays in a pine tree in my drive last summer and the mom would flippin’ dive bomb my head everyday. I would scream and run trying to get away from that bitch. I was glad that stupid tree got Dutch Elm disease and had to be cut down!

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@knitfroggy My phobia stems from an incident similar to these. Seagulls are big fuckers, especially to a five-year-old at Disney. Also, the mean-ass geese at the pond where I fed ducks when I was little didn’t help my attitude toward birds, either.

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Poor MacBean

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@MacBean I would probably just die if one of those nasty things got that close to me and stole my ice cream! Where I work there are birds all over the parking lot, they swoop around and screech some are like scary black raven type things Ugh, I get the shivers just thinking about them!

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@MacBean I’ve been bit by a seagull, it’s no picnic. Fucking hurts.

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It’s official: Birds are jerks!

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Milo here; Wrong, McBean. They are worthy adversaries. I was going to say lunch but Gail put a curse on me.

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This always makes me happy.

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-my cat Lola, and my dog Daphne. always.
-finding older things (today i found a gold bathing suit from the 50s i’m guessing, and a wooden wall plate with flowers hand painted on it from germany, from who knows when haha)
-getting really silly and random texts
-going on spontaneous drives on sundays
-find cheap awesome things at stores!
-starting off the sunday morning with good postsecrets, a new asofterworld or two, and good coffee
-going to shows
-great books/magazines
-seeing ladybugs
-the kittens the stray cat just had (i’m trying to catch her to get her fixed though, but she’s not very friendly, however the kittens are quite adorable)
-great beach weather, and actually going to the beach to feel it
-strawberry soft serve ice cream from the beach <3
-finishing a crocheting project/anything artistic really
-going on walks
-squirrels ohmygod i really love squirrels
-the sky when it turns awesome colours, really interesting looking clouds, nights when you can really see the stars

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@tiffyandthewall squirrels make me happy too! and I get so excited when I see a black one, because it’s rare and they’re just awesome

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@casheroo @tiffyandthewall I was just going to say I don’t think we have black squirrels in California, I love watching the greys around our house, when I saw this

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@MacBean: Sorry, I got the wrong MacBean. Love, Milo

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I enjoying waking up to watch the sun rise with a cup of coffee, a cigarette, and Lemmiwinks, my kitten.
Receiving letters from my pen pals always makes me smile.

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A smile on my husband’s face.

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@jonsblond So… oral, then?

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humor, sex..poetry..dancing..voicing my opinion..sleep..rain..a kind word

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