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How many french people are on Fluther?

Asked by fOre1 (2points) May 23rd, 2009 from iPhone

Combien y a t il de francais sur fluther?

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omelette du formage.

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not many. they have all escaped.

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I am bilingual, but that may not count for your tally.

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I think there’s a couple of French poodles on Fluther.

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Je ne suis pas français, mais je tiens à vous accueillir à Fluther.

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No hablo frances.

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I’m not French, but I do enjoy a croissant every now and again.

Does that count?

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Mon fils et ma belle filles habites en Paris maintenant. Elle est un lecteur a l’universite. Nous attendons la naissance de mon petit fils dans deux ou trois semaines. (Pardonnez-moi mes erreurs.) Je suis une pauvre americanes.

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J’étudie l’français, et je vais habiter en France en éte.

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There were some, but we declared war against them. They promptly surrendered.

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cheese swillin’ surrender monkeys.

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Lo siento, no hablo francés, pero lo hice una vez con un caniche francés que llamado “Buffy.”

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вообще не говорю по-фрацуски. это хорошо, так как у меня нет голубого берета.

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@eponymoushipster No? I think it would fit you. I suspect you like baguettes.

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cherry danish.

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Je suis francaise dans mon coeur.

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Darling, je vous aime beaucoup…

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tu est fromage?

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I haven’t met other french people here, so that would be 2 now.

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