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How often do you dream?

Asked by JTube (36points) May 23rd, 2009

I used to have some kind of pattern where I would dream every few days, but as I grew (somewhat) older this changed. If I get lucky there’s only one or two a week in it for me.

With ’‘dreaming’’ I mean that you can still remember (parts of) your dream, because if that’s left aside you dream almost every night (and only remember it when you wake up in your REM-sleep). I think we should count nightmares as dreams too for this one :)

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every time I sleep

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When you enter REM sleep, you’re dreaming but you don’t always remember your dreams.

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I dream every night and usually they are benign. However there are at least 2 times a month where I have nightmares repeatedly several nights in a row that keep me from going back to sleep. Wish I could turn them off.

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I don’t always remember my dreams, which is probably a blessing. My mind has a tendency to travel roads none too friendly. I too wish I could find a way to turn those damn things off. Taking a mg of xanax before bed usually leaves me with sleep deep enough that I can’t remember my dreams, but I hate using drugs to sleep.

To answer your question, almost every time I sleep.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra I was prescribed Xanax and will resort to taking it after 3 days of not sleeping from the nightmares. It really is the only thing that shuts it off that I have found so far. I hate to use it too and one prescription lasts months. Maybe someone else here will offer us an alternative.

The dreams are not terrifying so much as bring up anger, frustration and helplessness.(possibly from past feelings)

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Every night, without a doubt. I am awakened so frequently that I have plenty of opportunity to check.

I don’t mind scary dreams as long as they are interesting. The wilder the better. It’s the dumb, boring dreams that bug me, but I have few of those. Most are pretty outlandish. Some are funny enough that I laugh myself awake.

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Yes, I have dreams every night.

How often do I remember them? Generally whenever I command myself to do so. Yay for lucid dreaming.

Speaking of which… I’m quite tired. Night, everyone.

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I very rarely remember my dreams, but sccrowell often fills me in on what I said or physical actions that occurred while I slept. She on the otherhand remembers all her dreams vividly and shares them with me when she awakens. I’ve given up trying to interpret them with her…they are much too bizarre.

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i dont seem to dream very much, but ive been making attempts to quit smoking over the last couple of months and i seem to dream more when i have been a couple of days without cigarettes…

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I dream once every 3 days in months that have 31 days. I dream once a week in months that have 30 days. I don’t dream at all in February.

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I day dream all day. I think its apart of a mental problem.

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i haven’t had a dream in like a year or more, i can’t remember the last one i had, but i keep a note of some when i remember in the back of one of my journals. like one, i was at a party and al gore was there (i don’t even like al gore) but i introduced myself, and i don’t remember anything after that.

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I usually remember having a dream every night.

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I dream everytime I go to sleep and I remember most of it

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I dream most nights. I probably dream more than I remember.

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I used to dream, then this happened.

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