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What is the best brand or type of bed is the best to have sex in?

Asked by A_Beaverhausen (2440points) May 23rd, 2009

What is the best type of to have sex in?

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Any bed as long as you have Liberator Shapes. No foolin’. They turn any bed into a sexual playground.

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Couch sex is better.

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One with a girl in it? According to Woody Allen, sex is better when you are not alone.

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One with a mirror that you can be pushed up against, so you can watch. Pool tables are fun, too. I dunno… I have sex more places than the bed, so I can’t really answer this.

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A blanket over a bed of leaves in the middle of Sequoia redwoods or in a meadow below the falls in Yosemite or on the sand of a secluded California beach. Who needs a bed? Come on, now…wtf

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@DarkScribe- He also said, “Sex is beautiful between the right man and the right woman, but it’s difficult to get between the right man and woman.”

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@DrasticDreamer…Wow, can I add you to my fluther again?!? (Please don’t tell sccrowell). See ya…wtf

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@Sueanne_Tremendous….Just curious: would that be the Liberators with the built-in restraints? See ya…wtf

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@Sueanne_Tremendous Wow! The sure beats the old pile of pillows trick.

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A comfortable one that preferably does not squeak so loudly that it wakes the children.

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@Sueanne_Tremendous: I read this Q and thought immediately, “wow, where in the world has Sueanne been?” on the Q and there you are…first in line!! nice to see you!

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Stay away from Murphy beds.

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@SirBailey LOLLLLLLL, now there’s a visual!!!

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and sea beds.

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King size. Lots o’ room for various positions.

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Why stick to a bed?? But if you must, one with a decent mattress and make sure it doesn’t squeak!
Have fun ;)

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It’s not the bed, it’s the partner.

They can be good or great. (no such thing as bad sex)

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Ohhhhh, yes there is, @DrBill.

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Something with a footboard. It’s great if you can get good purchase with your feet.

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may i ask why you ask this question. it strikes me as silly. i may just not understand.
liberator shapes are supposed to be fabulous, though i’ve never tried them. non squeaky bed are great; the squeak is terribly distracting…
are you buying a new bed or what?

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uhhh. cause i can?

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oh, of course. my mistake.

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Water beds vs standard beds?

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im asking you. which do you prefer??

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@A_Beaverhausen I don’t know. I was just prompting in case someone else had an opinion about those particular types of beds.

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Water beds are fun if you are feeling the rhythm. If your a bit intoxicated and don’t have the rhythm down, well….........never mind, now I remember…that never did make a difference…wtf

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hahaha! lurve that.

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@AstroChuck I agree.
But my answer to this question: One that doesn’t explode.

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