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What is the best way to get tip money when carrying out groceries?

Asked by TheTips2 (61points) May 23rd, 2009

When working at a supermarket, what is the best way to get customers to give you a tip?

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I did not know they still did that..seems worth a tip…

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Generally it just involves doing your job. I don’t mean that to sound snarky, but customer service is where it’s at. If you genuinely enjoy helping out, say, an elderly person, it will be picked up on and people will be very appreciative.

That said, I don’t think that many parcels get tips.

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I never considered giving a tip for that. And I tip huge at restaurants.

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Speaking from service experience, i would say be as nice as and REAL as possible. Its easy for anyone to see through fakeness. Ask questions, make jokes, and leave them smiling. Thats really it…

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As a supermarket clerk, the best way to get tips is not to expect a tip and not get get upset when you don’t get tips. Courtesy clerks rarely get tips.

If you want a job that tips, you might want to consider working at a restaurant. Maybe you have to wash dishes and bus tables at first because they don’t just hire waiters off the street but it’s a great way to get your foot in the door.

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Well I am a carryout and in one day I made $189 in tips. We not only carry our but we also get called to different departments to do our job. Also, in the summer time it is extremely hot and we have to push it tons of carts because it gets so busy. I live in a tourist area.

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This was a long time ago, and I have no clue why I didn’t carry my own groceries out this time because I always do, but the one time I tried to tip a guy for helping me caring my groceries out he told me they weren’t allowed to accept tips.

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@lillycoyote Yeah, when I worked at a grocery store when I was younger we weren’t allowed to accept tips either. No one, from any department in the store. I remember when a customer forced a tip into my hand, despite the fact I told him I could be fired. He kept insisting, “No one has to know but you and I.” Nice idea, but there were cameras. I had to take it though, because he wouldn’t leave me alone.

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Every time I have ever tried to give a tip to the carry out helpers, I was told they aren’t allowed to accept tips, so I don’t even try.

I once saw a small name tag on the shirt of a shuttle car driver that said “Tips appreciated”, you might try that.

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Smile at them, and mean it.

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If you want tips, wait tables or work at a car wash. Around here, most of the supermarkets pay pretty decent money for after school work, relatively speaking. If you do your job well, are cordial and responsive to people, hustle and don’t waste time goofing off with co-workers during work time, then you should easily get a raise or a promotion to cashier. Most of the teens that work in a supermarket here (and I’m assuming you are a teen and this is an after school/weekend job) look at helping people out to the car with groceries as a way to break up the routine.

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People don’t tip for that? You should always give a buck or two, if someone helps you.
Just do your job, not everyone will tip though.

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Obviously you should be cordial, with a smile on your face and treat everyone like royalty (ie: grovel a bit) that should help.

But if your employer permits it (and ONLY IF) you could try a humorous approach by making a little tag or button for yourself to wear which says something like “Tipping is not a city in China” or something like that. This lets folks know that it is appropriate for them if they wish to because as others have pointed out, many places don’t allow it.

This lets folks know without pressuring them or putting them on the spot. some will appreciate the tongue-in-cheek humor.

I used to use something like this and similar when I used to work as a street performer doing balloon sculpture so folks knew that I wasn’t being paid by anyone else as is sometimes the case when hired by a store for promotion and such.

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Be polite, start casual conversation. I work at Outback and I do to-go every now and then.. and when I’m super nice on the phone, and when I go out to their car, they appreciate it. Not everyone is gonna tip more, but people tend to do. However it’s a known fact, girls get better tips than guys. :D

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Pretend to stumble and pick the customer’s pocket when he turns to help.

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A well placed sign by your employer would be appropriate. “Please tip you bag boy/girl if you think they are doing a good job.” Then really work it, make sure you smile and seriously enjoy helping. Your attitude means alot.

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