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When you are alone are you usually naked or clothed?

Asked by wildpotato (15121points) May 25th, 2009

Or, when you are just hanging out with your significant other? Or are you usually clothed in one case, but naked in the other? If you always keep your clothes on, why?

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Clothed. It’s COLD in my house, haha

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Clothed. I’m more comfortable in clothes. Besides, who wants to sit on someone’s furniture if naked butts (and other things) have been all over them?

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Clothed, since most of the time I’m alone, I’m in the living room. I wouldn’t want anyone’s naked ass on my couch, including my own.

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Clothed. Why would a person hang around naked? That’s just weird. I get naked when the occasion calls for it. But just home alone, yeah, clothed.

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Clothed. I have cats and they sometimes like to use their claws for traction. I also have dogs and it is sometimes really nice to have a lick-proof barrier between them and sensitive areas. Their noses are cold!

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Clothed. My dad likes to hang around in his underpants. I really don’t get how that would be more comfortable.

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Clothed. I’m never alone. I have a five year old daughter. I don’t think my teenage sons would be happy to walk in on their mother naked while doing house work.

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Sometimes. It’s quite nice. But not so often, you have to go out sooner or later. I’m no nudist.

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It’s very rare that I’m alone
when I am I have some little shorts on and a nursing bra
With my partner, I am usually naked

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Clothed. I have bits that need support.

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

Hanging out being nude!

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I wear clothes. I have pets. I don’t want anything being stepped on by accident . . .

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Yeah, it’s rare that I’m alone, but even then I don’t think I would ever be naked. I don’t think I ever have.

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Mostly nekkid, or just in unmentionables. :)

Less stuff to get dirty (I’m a total messy eating, spilling, spastic klutz), more comfy, and why not? I wear clothes out in public all day. It’s nice to change things up.

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Half naked. I usually just wear panties, sometimes panties and a shirt, or bra.

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The only time I’m naked (or in panties and/or bra) is late at night because I get really hot. I live with my mom and siblings, and they could come home at any moment, so I don’t like to risk nudity.

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Clothed without a doubt. Some say being naked makes you feel free but I prefer the feeling of comfort.

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Some combination of the two. Being naked is fun.

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If I’m not chilly, just panties. If I am, then I’ll throw on a shirt.

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A year or two ago, I looked out the window to see my neighbor undressing. That’s when I realized I can be seen, quite well, from the neighbors house I’d rather not scar anyone the way I was scared.

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Clothed, unless I have just had a really hot bath then I tend to just wander about naked for 10 minutes or so.

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Clothes feels more natural and clean to me. Usually I will walk around in a robe that is the closest to naked I get when I am alone. If I with my boyfriend I still dress like how I would dress alone. Being naked around the house just seems too wrong. Plus our house has a big window on the front and I have weird neighbours. Just not a good idea…just not.

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Clothed. Oddly enough, hanging with my SO often results in nakedness. Can’t think why.

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When I’m completely alone, I’m usually naked, especially in the summer. If there’s anyone else at all around, including my daughter or girlfriend, then yes, I’m dressed (at least partially).

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I used to be naked at home, or nearly so, but that was before I had animals or kids. Either or both can make it awkward and somewhat uncomfortable.

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I guess it depends on your definition of “naked”. My favorite state when I’m alone is bra and underwear. Underwear because I don’t want whatever I sit on touching my coochie, and a bra because my breasts are such that they need to be supported, (“ripe grapefruits” I believe Tim called them on another thread). Basically I prefer to wear the bare minimum and be free otherwise.

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Naked!! Baby as much as possible

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@La_chica_gomela “touching my coochie” lmao I almost spit my beer out!

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Clothing. I love pajamas and would wear them all the time if I could. Naked isn’t “cozy” enough for me. Or sanitary, or supportive, for that matter. That’s just me though, it’s not like I’m offended by nudies.

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Partially naked. I generally wear a bra because it’s uncomfortable for me not to because of my cup size, but if I don’t have to wear pants, they aren’t on. When I have someone with me in bed, butt ass naked is the way to go.

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I don’t know why I put cozy in parentheses.

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@ubersiren – You didn’t. You put it in quotes.

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Hahaha holy crap I’m retarded today.

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Usually naked under all my clothes… so both…

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When summer rolls around, I’m usually just in underwear. I don’t like being completely naked because I dunno…everything just hanging out isn’t enjoyable. lol
But, now that we live with others, I can’t walk around in my undies :( I have to remind myself to put pants on haha

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Normally during the day I’m clothed. Before and after a shower or before bed I’m usually in underwear and a t-shirt. This is during the warmer months. If it’s cold then I’m most likely in my room in boxers and a sweatshirt or what I like to call “lazy pants” and a sweatshirt.

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I thought I should add that sometimes when it’s hot I’ll be shirtless around the house, whether or not there are people there. Same with wearing a shirt but having just boxers on. I do that too. :)

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I am way more comfortable with clothing on. Whereas my husband tends to prefer to wear nothing as much as possible. :)

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I generally wear a bra and a cotton granny dress, at least. I don’t like sweating all over myself.

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@Dansedescygnes wait a sec, you said “I don’t think I ever have”. Did you mean that you are a never-nude, or that you have never hung out with someone else while naked…?!

Dansedescygnes's avatar


I guess both. I’ve never hung around the house nude with or without someone else there.

La_chica_gomela's avatar

@Dansedescygnes: You should try it! It’s the best!

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Clothed! Sheesh…nobody wants to see me nekkid, myself included! :)

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I’m usually clothed when hanging out around the house. A loin cloth counts as an article of clothing right?

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Bra and boyshorts, when no kids are around. Otherwise, shorts and t-shirts.

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@Bluefreedom – Yes, a loincloth counts as clothing, but has the added advantage of being able to be used as a dish towel or a bathmat.

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@Darwin Ewwww, or are you referring to the body wrap type?

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@YARNLADY No, I assume he said loincloth and meant loincloth, not body wrap. He is a guy, though, so he might not mind at all that it has been other places before it is used in the kitchen or the bathroom. It is rather like my husband’s and son’s penchant for wearing underwear for several days in a row.

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@Darwin. I’ve went the dish towel route in the past and ended up getting chafed so no more of those. Now I have all my loincloth’s custom made. I’ll go commando now and again but not every often. As far as wearing underwear (when I wear them), never the same pair for several days in a row. A new pair each day for me.

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When I come home from work, I tend to leave a trail of clothes along my way to the bedroom (work skirts, shirts and stockings have gots to go). I feel most comfortable in the bare essentials (“gotchies” are we like to call them and something to hold up the girls) whilst lounging at home. Not nude because like others have said, who wants to sit on my leather sofa if someone else’s bare ass has been on there?

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Naked. I’m kinda surprised/disappointed that the overwhelming majority of responses is ‘clothed’ – particularly for the reason that people are so uncomfortable with their own bodies!! The sanitary thing I understand, particularly for women sitting on things, and of course temperature control. Spying neighbors, family members. But not feeling comfortable with your own body when you’re ALONE – give it a try for a while and see if it changes how you feel! :)

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@zina – If you note my account, it isn’t that I am uncomfortable with my body (as long as I don’t have to stare at it in a 360 mirror) although others might be. It is in self-defense from cat claws and cold dog noses.

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@darwin oh, definitely – I’m not implying that EVERYONE had the exact same reason, just how many of those there were, the common theme

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@zina I am perfectly comfortable with my own (or anybody else’s)body, but I happen to feel more physically comfortable in clothing. I hate the feeling of sticking to my self or my furniture. Plus, I don’t like cooking bacon nekked. ouch

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@zina I also saw that pattern at first, but as the thread goes on more people seem to be answering that they stay naked or in underwear. Hurrah!

@Darwin I have the same problem – my oldest cat doesn’t retract her claws at all, and it is really painful when she walks across my lap.

@YARNLADY Yes it took me awhile to get my bacon outfit together. Though cooking it naked was kind of fun just because it was funny how my s.o. and I were yelping and jumping every few seconds. I have actually found a way to do it more or less safely with a pair of really long tongs :)

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I’m comfortable with my body, but in the winter especially it’s cheaper to wear an extra layer of clothing or two than it is to heat my apartment to a temperature where it’s comfortable to be naked.

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@zina – heh, I’m actually clothed to prevent myself from being stunned by my great looks when I walk past a mirror :P

Seriously though, clothes just feel more comfortable. Perhaps I am a bit uncomfortable in my own body, but I like the feeling of something wrapped around me. Also, for some odd reason, without pants I often feel like I’m wearing a belt that’s too tight or something.

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just boxers though i always sleep nakie :P

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I sleep naked when it’s hot, and then, in the morning, like to wander around naked until I’ve had my shower, if my daughter is not home. Then, I tend to put on shorts and a t-shirt. At night, if I have to go get something to drink down in the kitchen, I’ll tend to stay naked.

If I’m naked and using the computer, I’ll put a towel down where I’m sitting. Sometimes I think about the neighbors, but there are a lot of trees between our house and the other houses around us, and while it would be possible to see me, it would be difficult, and they’d really have to be trying. If they were that interested in my nekkid butt, then why should I deprive them? More likely, they’d avert their eyes, should they happen to catch a glimpse, but it would be very unlikely they would do so.

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@daloon: I like that you mention naked butt, given your avatar :P

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I wear only a pair of Tommy Hilger sleep shorts at home alone and that’s just to have something to cover my butt when sitting on my leather sofa.

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clothed. The closest i get to naked is shorts and underwear.

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