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Are you back to investing in the stock market?

Asked by dannyc (5228points) May 25th, 2009

I am wondering, if the Fluther demographic is now re-investing in the stock market, which could indicate a recovery in the works.

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I never stopped. It generally always goes back up again, even if it takes a while.

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Yup, never left. I thought of it as “everything is on sale.”

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RBS stocks were £1.50ea before the crash and a few months ago after they got bailed out by the UK government I think they were about 15pea or there about. Buy them up and your sure to be on for a winner in the future, if I had any spare money to I would, but I don’t lol

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@tobotron ..stock tips..I like that..thanks..and global stock tips at that…

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What are a fluther’s choices if there is little inclination to play the stock market? Most of my savings are in mutual funds for that reason.

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I put the same amount in this year as always. I wish I could have invested more, but I can’t. I think of it the same way as @ram201pa, the only silver lining to this crappy recession is “everything’s on sale” including stock. My investing dollar went a lot further this year, and at least there was that.

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I changed the amount that was going into stocks as opposed to bonds. I had 75% in stocks, 25% in bonds. I changed in december to 50/50. It seems to be working for me.

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I never stopped. I have many many years (hopefully) til I will have to cash in on my investments, and as @ram201pa said, it’s like buying on sale. I’m thinking of my investments as a collector’s item… may not be worth much now, but I’ll keep collecting my cheap shares and hopefully they’ll be valuable in 35ish years!

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Never sold anything. Buy and hold. Long term time horizon. We don’t retire for fifteen more years.

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Our investment portfolio has shifted a little to bonds, but we still find some stocks worth investing in as well.

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@YARNLADY ..hope no GM bonds..

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@dannyc heh, heh, no, GE, Johnson & Johnson and the like

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