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Where could we go in San Francisco to have a really private, personal conversation?

Asked by zina (1650points) May 25th, 2009

We need to have a long, intimate, potentially difficult conversation with someone (like an intervention), and no longer have the apartment that would have been appropriate and convenient. We are trying to think of a place where we can be for a few or several hours, without interruption, that’s comfortable and promotes openness (ie, not a public place with lots of people, or a park where people would quickly get cold or have to use a bathroom, etc.) A closed, intimate space would be preferable. Any ideas?

Secluded spot in a public park? Random hotel room? Community center empty rooms? We’re drawing a total blank.

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I would say rent a hotel room. That way you have the bathroom right there.

My ex-SIL called for one in a restaurant – that was a bad idea (and it wasn’t an intervention really; it was just a way to try to put my brother in a bad light with me).

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If it’s worth spending some money on, the homey, hospitable sitting room of a hotel suite might give you the most comfort and intimacy along with privacy. A hotel room with a large bed as the centerpiece may not be what you want.

Anyplace too institutional looking (like a community room), with windows in the doors and folding furniture, probably won’t have the desired effect. Can someone perhaps lend you the privacy-guaranteed use of an apartment for a day or an evening while they’re out?

If there’s any professional person involved, such as a lawyer or counselor, ask them for a recommendation. They may have small, comfortable conference rooms at their disposal. Or there might be a sitting room or counseling room at a church, possibly yours for a reasonable contribution.

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Most libraries have rooms you can rent for a nominal fee that are very quiet and private.

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Grace Cathedral? They rent out rooms for 12 step meetings and stuff. Plus there’s a parking garage right across the street. If not, the Fairmont is right there too.

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@crisw that’s what I was going to say. Our library has several different size rooms for meetings from a couple of people up to 25.

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If it’s going to be emotional, the parties involved may not feel like walking out into a public library. Also a lot of those rooms have windowed doors and/or walls.

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Down by the dock at the bay.

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