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Why am i always troubled with headaches?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3158points) May 25th, 2009

i noticed for a while now, that i’m really vulnerable to headaches. Even heading out on a windy day can cause it, or on a wintery day without a touque… Is there something wrong with me? Any way to prevent this? I don’t want to spend my life wearing touques and hats outside and I undoubtedly hate head aches. =(

Please leave comments and suggestions! :P

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Are you sure you are not in need of glasses or (if you have glasses) a new prescription?

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Have you asked your doctor?

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See a neurologist, they can give you medication to help. Also, start keeping a headache diary. Include how the headache feels (how fast it came on, what the pain feels like and where the pain is – front, one side or the other, base of the neck, etc.) and what you were doing at the time the headache came on. The idea is to see patterns to associate the headaches with eating or not eating certain foods, taking medication, environmental factors, etc. I have also heard that acupuncture and acupressure can do wonders.

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You might want to get an MRI.

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Do you drink enough water? My daughter gets headaches from not drinking enough water. Soft drinks don’t cut it because of the sodium.

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I only drink milk and water. i think i used to drink too much water, and so i cut down to about… like 3–5 cups of water a day.

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There are a lot of causes for headaches.

Milk is a common allergen that most people are not aware because the symptoms are so easy to misinterpret.

Dehydration is another common headache cause but it sounds like you get enough water. Another can be not eating often enough or enough protein.

Allergies (of many types) can cause headaches. You can typically rule these out pretty simply. When you have a headache press the bridge of your nose firmly. When you release, if you feel a sensation, then it is allergies. You can also touch between your eyes and under your eyes by your nose, if tender then it is allergies. If you don’t have these symptoms allergies becomes less of a threat but is still possible.

Eyeglasses are needed for many people. As a young girl I got frequent headaches until the doctors realized I needed eyeglasses. It was only a minor eyesight problem but still caused me headaches.

TMJ can also cause headaches. It is a jaw problem. When you sleep at night your jaw becomes too tense. A dentist can usually predict this but may miss it.

Stress and Tension can also cause headaches.

Hormones can cause headaches. For many women menstruation triggers a hormone shift that causes headaches, this can also be triggered during ovulation.

Allergies to foods as well or even preservatives in food. Fast food especially.

Medications and sleep disorders can cause headaches.

High blood pressure and other medical issues can also cause headaches.

Certain smells can cause headaches (like someone wearing too much perfume).

To determine what is causing your headaches you keep a headache diary. Record when you have the headache, what your environment was when it occurred, and what you were doing/eating when it occurred. It is likely you will see a commonality. Your doctor will also find this useful.

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Are you working on a computer for a long time?. If this is so, the glaring lights, continual exposure to the monitor, can give you a headache. You can try:

-looking away from the screen every 20 minutes or close your eyes
-make sure the computer screen does not have glare
-take frequent breaks at your work
-blink your eyes regularly

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