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How long before the problems this administration faces are no longer blamed on Bush?

Asked by marcosthecuban (429points) May 26th, 2009
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Probably never. After all, people still blame Nixon and Reagan for where we are today.

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(I was gonna say almost the same thing.) Bush was blaming shit on Clinton right up until the end, so who knows. Could be never.

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Well, if you’re a Republican leader in the House or Senate, the honeymoon is over. If you’re a died-in-the-wool Democrat, probably never, unless he really fucks up.

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How long before the problems of the Bush administration are resolved? Perhaps beyond the term of this administration.

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Bush fucked us good and hard. He’ll still be blamed long after the Obama administration is over. And rightly so.

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I agree with la chica…. The Bush people were still blaming Clinton right up to the end. Why would republicans think the democrats would do any different?

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@MarcotheCuban If Nixon had been held accountable for his unconstitutional actions, it might have been 100 years instead of 25 years before another administration did it again. If Reagan had not had an administration that fostered the neocons and convinced Americans the party would never end and the tab would never have to be paid, we wouldn’t be in the fix we are in today.

The fallout from a bad administration doesn’t end the day they leave the White House. The radioactive half life can last 100 years or more.

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Give credit where credit is due. Guantanamo, the economy, the wars….. They’re a result of the last administration….

For the moment, the new administration hasn’t done anything that has ended badly, so there’s really nothing to blame on them.

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This administration? Are you kidding? We are going to be talking about Bush for countless administrations into the future.

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Hoover and Cooledge are still blamed for the Great Depression. Bush earn this, and he will be remembered and blamed for many years, past President Obama and thru President Winehouse.

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It may still be a couple of years. But I do think the North Korean issue will be one the world watches carefully as it has the potential to be a powder keg. There is a definite line being drawn in the sand by NK. It reminds me of the Iranian situation with Jimmy Carter. He never recovered from it, and was always perceived as weak. Obama will be given more slack, but people can change their minds quickly. Rightfully so. I don’t think Obama himself wants a free ride either.

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I say every president in the us has made some poor mistakes that we reap throughout the years. The situation is that when you have a 2 party system, people generally point the finger at the opposing party. It’s very hard to blame one person for many issues. I give any president credit for doing his best. After all we are all human and we all make mistakes. I think bush did what he thought was right and it failed.

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Forever if they can get away with it.

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