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What application would you use if it existed?

Asked by Dog (25061points) May 27th, 2009

My most used application was a to do list.
But then I read this article and it made some excellent psychological points on the negative emotional impact of a never-ending to do list and realized how annoying the to do list is as it is always there reminding me that I will never be caught up.

So I got to thinking- how could I function and not use the unending to do list and looked through the app store.

After coming up with nothing useful I decided this is what I would love to have: An application that puts a time to complete a task on a calendar so I need not be concerned with it until the designated time. This way once I have finished my daily itinerary I can bask in the glow of a productive day.

- A day-planner type application that looks like a day planner.

- When you add a task it has you assign it to a time and date.

- Each day an email of your daily itinerary arrives in your inbox.

- Text reminders during day for very important tasks.

- Place for notes such as phone numbers etc to complete the task from where ever I happen to be via phone.

My question to you all- is there a practical application you wish would be invented that would improve your life?
If so what would it be and what features would it have?

Let your imaginations go wild!

Lurve to the most practical clever answers that do not venture into fantasy (the latter of which will be read with amusement but not lurved)

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I wish there were an app that let me browse only the genuinely useful and well-built applications in the App Store.

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An app that I would love is something on my computer that told me when my favorite TV shows were playing and what channels they were on. That would be so easy. Also something that scanned my favorite authors’ websites (or something to that effect) and informed me when a new book was out.

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an app that tells me where to find the exact jazz songs I am looking for, in fact, it would locate them, deliver them to my inbox, and make the ‘whole-searching-for-hours’ a thing of the past.

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id like an app like ical that i could personalize more. cause ical is BOOORRRRIIIINNNNNGGG

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This is the first question I have ever given a “Great Question” to. I hope it produces some viable and creative results.

I can sympathize with you, Dog. When I first started college, I carried around a planner and wrote down every assignment/project/whatever that I had to do in the future. It only served as a source of grief and stress, as I would never be able to relax without the nagging sensation that I should be doing stuff that was written in my planner. Eventually I just stopped using it.


I think the TV app is a great idea. I constantly miss TV shows that I intended to watch because I get caught up with something on the Internet.

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@Dog I love your app idea.
@KatawaGrey Love the new book idea.

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@Dog: Have you looked at things?

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Was recently introduced to Microsoft OneNote.

It’s quite possibly the first MS product that I actually enjoy using.

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@andrew I never really looked at things before checking out your link. It looks and behaves like todo which is good except I was hoping for more of a day planner look- where I did not have to see tasks unless I open the date.

@robmandu OneNote is interesting and I would give it a try but I am thinking it is not a mac friendly product. I would also love it to sync with the iPhone if possible making it easy to add to the dates. I will go and look at it more.

A long time ago I had a computer that had a program that even looked like a day planner. If there was an iPhone app that did that now I would be all over it!

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@Dog evernote is a good web alternative to onenote which also has an iPhone app. You can take pictures on the iPhone and it will index the text in the image. As well as web browser plug ins there is a desktop app for windows; I think there is also one for Mac

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Update to @andrew- I am trying a trial of things.
@robmandu I will also try out OneNote if it is Mac.

@froamer I like evernote for getting shots of stuff.

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@Dog, I don’t think OneNote is available for Mac. Nor is it web-standards friendly in anyway meaningful way. It’s classic Microsoft in that regard. Complete suckitude.

But, if you’re only ever using Windows and have no cross-platform or web sync requirement, it’s actually a rather fine implementation.

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@Dog You can set due dates and actions in Things so you only see things that are due today, and if you have a big project, you only see the the next few things you need to do.

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