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What is a good line of salon products?

Asked by bezdomnaya (1435points) May 27th, 2009

I’m moving back to the US soon, and I only became a convert to salon products after I moved to the UK. Anyway, the brand I’m using here isn’t for sale in the US. So, do you guys have any suggestions on what I should use? For reference, I normally use shampoo, conditioner, mousse, hairspray, wax, and shine serum. That’s a lot of stuff actually… jeez. The shampoo and conditioner are the most important two in that list. Oh, and could you include the price range for the products?

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Aveda is fantastic. My favorite shampoo from them is $15 for 8.5oz, so I guess it’s kind of mid-range. Their stuff works well, and smells amazing.

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I really like the Rusk products, especially their shine serum (which also cuts dry time by 1/3) and their spray shine/heat protector. I don’t know the retail prices since I buy through a friend at her cost at the supply store.

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i think salon products are a waste of money. everyday retail products do just fine for me. and save me tons of cash.

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It all depends on your hair type and condition. One line may work amazing for one person but not so much for another. I use different products from different lines, because quality is not always every product in one line.

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@elijah Very good point. My hair is color-treated, long, and straight. It’s not damaged at all (no split ends), but it does tangle easily. I blow dry but do not straighten usually. It’s not dry or oily. What do you use as far as shampoo and conditioner?

@A_Beaverhausen I thought the same thing about retail products before, but my hairstylist recommended that I start using salon products. I saw positive results almost immediately. I think that having hair as long as mine is now requires a bit of extra TLC.

@Likeradar I’ve heard good things about Aveda. I honestly thought it’d be a bit more expensive actually. I think I’ll try it out. @Supacase I will look into the Rusk line as well. From what I can tell by googling, it is not too expensive either.

Thanks, guys!

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It sounds like your hair is pretty healthy to begin with, but someone actually has to look at your hair to know for sure where you fit in. You could look into something specific to your color hair, it helps the color hold longer. My hair is extremely thin and doesn’t grow well. I do straighten almost every day. I like to try new things all the time which is easy for me since I’m a stylist. Currently I’m using Joico K-PAK reconstruct. It’s amazing for damaged/ abused hair. The other types of Joico are great as well. Since my hair is platinum right now I use Loreal professional colorist collection in white violet to counteract yellowing. This line is cheap but works better than other more expensive brands I’ve tried. I love love love S-factor dream drops. It’s a gloss and I buy it for everyone I know. If I do extreme styling (party hair) I swear by Bedhead Masterpiece hairspray. I also use Artec Texture Shine which is great for definition with short funky hair. Honestly you really have to try things to find what you like. Aveda is a great product but I don’t like it for my own hair. I love Bumble & Bumble pruducts but are hard to find sometimes.

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Elijah’s got great advice. Two other strong brands I’d suggest that seem to work for a multitude of hair types are the Kerastase line and Redken. These two are previous salon-only brands that are now available in upscale beauty stores and online. The shampoos and conditioners for both are fabulous – especially the Kerastase.

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