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What two words will you use to describe yourself? why?

Asked by cyn (6913points) May 27th, 2009
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multifaceted and mostly human!!!

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I couldn have sworn this started out as describe youself with one word, am I losing it or did you change the question???

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Now that the question has been edited to allow for two words…
“mid-sized hominid”

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yes i had to change the question
it was used before :(

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very insquisitive

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Shy and loud

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Seriously silly.

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Creative seeker

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Crazy and Intellectual

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You stole one I wanted to use. Guess which one.

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By the way why do you spell baby like that?

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@steve6 And doesn’t count. And I’m guessing crazy?
I don’t know why, it was my screenname for a while (chelseababy was taken) , so I just did that, because that’s my username for everything else.

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I removed my stupid comment. It’s getting late and I’m running off at the mouth. I’m not crazy but I couldn’t see myself complimenting my intellect in print. I can’t really say what I like to do as often as possible. Is that crazy?

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How did I get 3 points for visiting 2 days in a row?

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@steve6 LOL, I dunno dude.

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why? cause I’m a nerd, and I row.

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Nice person

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Incomparably Magnificent (because I’m just excellent like that)

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Logical and rational. These are the two traits that define my current nature of being a skeptic and freethinker. They are the two attributes which differentiate me from the majority of the sheep, I mean humans.

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Sharp, Talented

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unpredictable, lively.


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Haroot + Alive

I consider “Haroot” to be an embodiment of my personality. Despite the fact it has no real meaning.

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Gifted taker.

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Worried and analytical.

I analyze things waaaay too far and that causes me to worry about the silliest things. Though there’s been plenty of times where overthinking stuff has brought me good.

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alive and
strawberry (because i’m sweet like that!)

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Horny bastard

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eternal optimist

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Passionate activist

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Harmless Mayhem.

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Varying and short.

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Indescribably delicious.

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Supercalifragulisticexpialidoshious, and vocabularious :D

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you spelled it wrong!
it’s supercalifragilisticexpialodocious

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haha you actually looked it up!!!! HAHAHAHAHA Your funny

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no i didn’t
and you got that from my fluther!

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got waht from FLUther??

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@Bri_L that’s mean!

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@Bri_L is your avatar from MADAGASCAR? if it is cool :)

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@cyndihugs – Yes but , why were my two descriptors mean?

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@Bri_L i was just being sarcastic…
you said polite and kind.

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OH, maybe I should put dimwitted and slow! hehe

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