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To squeeze a spot or not to squeeze a spot, that is the question!

Asked by sakura (8267points) May 28th, 2009

Although I don’t suffer from acne, (thankfully!) I do get the occasional BIG spot! I was just wondering what the medical/fluther community thought were the pros and cons of giving a spot a squeeze! Gross I know just curious!!

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If it’s white, lance the booger!!!

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If it’s one of those underground pimples (you know, the kind that hurts really deep) the worst thing to do is squeeze it. Put a warm washcloth or heating pad on it. The heat draws it up to the surface. It may take a few days if it’s a really big one. If it’s one of those ones where you can clearly see the white goo, squeeze gently with two Q-tips (not fingernails) but don’t try to get every last drop. If it bleeds it will take longer to heal.

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Lady M did say, “Out, damned spot.” (Maybe she was talking to her dog.)

But I would use compresses re; elijah. Squeezing may leave a scar.

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I do it all the time when they start hurting. Its not best practice though, as it is more likely to leave a scar. The best way I have found to deal with the big ones is to gently rub soap into them. This will dehydrate it, and it should shrink in not much time at all.

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I like to use a poultice of lilac and doe urine.

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Put some Smiley’s Prid salve or some Epsal Cream on it. Both will draw it out faster.

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ditto to @elijah and @Judi‘s responses.
tree oil also seems to work wonders. i don’t know how exactly, it just does.

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thanks guys xx lurve to all

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S-Q-U-E-E-Z-E….. for eveyone’s sake!!!

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