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What should I get my boyfriend as a going away present?

Asked by SierraNichole (135points) May 28th, 2009

He’s not the one going away…I am. I’m moving 5 hours away for school this fall and i want to leave him something that will remind him of me, but not too mushy he hates that stuff. Any ideas?

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Expect a lot of “sex” answers.

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One of those barely there lingerie photos, one of the favorite items for local guys being deployed to the Middle East.

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A LOT of Sex

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plant a tree or perennial flowers together

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An STD would definitely remind him of you, but something tells me that’s not what you have in mind. :P

More seriously, do something together and take a picture. Frame it in a very plain frame and give it to him. If you went hiking (or on a picnic, or both at the same time), for example, you could take a picture of him at the top or even just the scenery. Whenever he looks at it, he’ll remember that you took it and the day.

Make him a mix CD of a bunch of your (as in both of you) favorite songs for his car.

If he likes to write or draw, give him a journal or sketchpad.

A thoughtful gift, whenever used, will make him think of you and it doesn’t have to be mushy at all.

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As the two of you say good-bye, punch him, as hard as you can, in the throat.

He will never, ever, forget that.

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I agree with @Ivan…a blow job. or if you have a friend, a blow job and then have your friend give him a blow job.

i’m just spitballing here, as i suggest you do.

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A pair of your sexy underwear, very lightly worn. It’ll definitely remind him of you, and it won’t be mushy! If it were packed in a box with a secret compartment that only he had the key to, and you told him not to open it until after you’d gone…

You might also put a few pictures of yourself, not dressed in very much, if anything at all in that box, just in case the underwear idea is too gross. But the picture(s) should definitely be of you wearing the underwear.

He won’t forget you very easily if you give him that!

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@daloon don’t forget a bottle of lotion.

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@eponymoushipster Good point. Do you have a favorite kind?

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@eponymoushipsterthe lapdance is always better when the stripper is cryin’

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@Blondesjon and @eponymoushipster

thank you both so much for the suggestions but i was looking for something a little more conservative.= ) but i will consider them

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@SierraNichole dress as a nun and give him a lapdance. conservative and he’ll enjoy it.

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@eponymoushipster my goodness i believe that’s exactly what i was looking for! thankyou so much =)

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