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How do you ask for more money from your boss?

Asked by mehmetaydin3 (112points) May 29th, 2009

Whether a raise, or simply claiming your hourly wage, how do efficiently you ask for more?

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just ask. no harm in trying for a raise if you’ve been a good worker.

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“I would like a raise please. I’m a very dependable and responsible employee and I believe that I’ve earned a salary increase based on my hard work, dedication, and excellent work ethic.”

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In my experience the best way is to state your justifications for having a raise. Usually this can be an increased amount of work or responsibilities. I would be hesitant to ask for a raise for dedication in today’s economy unless your skills were highly valued and you could easily get a similarly or higher paying job elsewhere.

And again, unless you have a good pulse on your salary conditions in your town/job field, I would not make a monetary request, I would evaluate what they propose and decide if that was acceptable or not.

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Have sex with him then black mail him.

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Depending on the nature of your job, ask for a sit down evaluation every six months to go over performance, expectations, responsibilities and compensation; the raises in responsibilities and tasks will usually outnumber the raises. Most places I’ve worked will raise the pay annually unless it’s commissioned sales which are more frequently negotiable.

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I don’t know if this counts for your job, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask for a meeting with the boss, and then coming in with your request and documented back up on how you’ve contributed to making the business run better or improved its bottom line so that a raise is justified. Don’t depend on the boss to just hand over the dosh. S/He may disappoint!

Asking is good, but proving to him/her that you’ve got the skills to deserve more bills is better! :) Good luck.

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Everyone is spot on here and I’ll add a caveat—

Don’t tell you boss you need more money to pay your bills or because you’ve got child support to cover or other personal reasons for wanting a raise. Keep it on the level of your performance and contributions to the organziation.

We all have bills to pay & personal obligations that a raise in salary will help cover.

Good luck.

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I agree with the answers above
I’d also go into the meeting with some numbers that show how useful you’ve been and keep it short

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