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Where did i see this rustic outdoor cooking fireplace before?

Asked by aaronheaberlin808 (69points) May 29th, 2009

I am upgrading my backyard around my pool and i have decided to build a rustic outdoor cooking fireplace. I have seen the one i want on tv a long time ago on like PBS or TLC but i can’t seem to find it on the internet. Here is the description: it was completely outdoor and had two large steel rods on either side of the fireplace running from the hearth to the mantle and had arms that would swing kettles or whatever you wanted over the fire. You could also use these for spits to like use as a rotisserie. The host man had a huge funky looking beard and thats really all i can remember from the show. This has been eating me up for the past month and i still haven’t figured it out!

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I saw a bunch of shows on or about yard improvements, check out if it’s in any of those episodes.

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I looked and looked, but I can’t find one that matches your description. There are some sites out there that help you plan and build your own, maybe they could steer you in the right direction. Good luck, it sounds like an awesome project!

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