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How did you find the hair salon your currently go to?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12562points) May 29th, 2009

I’m looking for a new salon again, and it’s just…annoying. I’m kind of wondering what other people process is. I usually look at friends and acquaintances hair, and when I see a good style, ask them who they go to. But I don’t have time for that. I need to see someone now, and I don’t want to be ripped or or chopped off.

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Recommendations from my friends is the only way I would go try a new salon.

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Ask someone with hair you like, I did that a few times when I moved to a new state and knew absolutely no one so I had to ask strangers.

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my cousin recommend her. I’m very picky when it comes to who cuts my hair and i must say i have not been disappointed not once.

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I came out of her womb.

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I got my hair butchered at one of the local chain “salons” and went to the best salon I could find near me in the hopes that someone could repair the travesty that was my hair, and someone did fix it. And the same guy at that same salon has been cutting my hair for over 15 years. I would do what others have mentioned, ask people whose cuts you like where they get their hair done. And if you don’t have time, well, if you just pick someplace and you don’t like the cut, it’s not the end of the world. You just keep trying. Once you find the right person you could be set for life.

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By being poor.

I do it myself. :(

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Honestly? I got tired of getting my hair poorly cut by inexperienced stylists at the cheap places, so I picked one of the nicest places in my area. Every stylist there is capable of giving a decent cut, though I prefer some over others. They go through constant training, so they’re always learning new techniques. Most importantly: though it’s a nice place, it’s not a snooty place.

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@augustlan: That’s exactly what I’m looking for! A great cut without the snoot

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I suggest going in person to make your appointment, or just to browse their product offerings. You’ll get a feel for the place pretty quickly.

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@augustlan: That’s a good idea. I like to do the thing where I call and ask them a bunch of questions, like how much things cost, etc, questions that for some reason I would be embarrassed to ask in person, and then I say “okay, thanks”, hang up, and call back the next day and make an appointment if I want to. Isn’t that terrible? For some reason, asking about prices at a salon is really embarrassing to me!

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My most recent stylist came via a recommendation from a friend about 15 years ago. He did a great job but was very expensive. Rather then read a mag or watch tv while he did my hair, I watched him work. He had a very precise, easily repeatable method and the result was consistently good. I stopped going to him about 13 years ago and have been cutting my own hair since. I should point out that I am only talking about cutting the top part of my hair and making it blend in with the long hair that goes down to my butt. And, it is very curly so it is very forgiving to minor mistakes. (think Brian May, but thicker and much longer). See ya…wtf

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My good friend I grew up with is a hair dresser, and that’s how I found the hair salon.

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I saw someone walking in front of me once and I loved her hair. I couldn’t resist, so I walked up behind her, tapped her on the shoulder and asked where she got it done. She smiled and said, “Oh! I actually do it myself. I’m the manager and co-owner of the salon, would you like a card?” I said “Yes, please” and she smiled and gave me her card and then proceeded to tell me that I’d get a 30% discount for the great compliment. I was thrilled.

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my tia!
since she’s the one that cuts it
and i see her every week
i can’t go any where else

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@cyndihugs: wait, you get your hair cut every week? or are you just saying you see her every week, like in church or at family gatherings?

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i see her every week
not to cut my hair
that’s every two months
i have to let my hair grow
family gatherings
and then i have to
to go get my cousins and then we go to Mexico to party and get stoned
she(my aunt) still doesn’t know, so don’t tell her

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By a process of elimination. I eliminated distance – I go to the salon that is closest to me. Being a guy has advantages.

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I used the MSN yellow pages to find salons in my area. I found one 3 minutes away from where I live, and tried it. During my first visit, my stylist offered to open the shop on my wedding day (a Sunday), and style my daughter’s and my hair! How could I help but love her?

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I had been going to the same place since I was at least 13, then some of the sylists left and opened their own salon. My mother and aunt go there, so I sometimes go.
But, my best friend is a stylist, working at a great salon. I go to her, because she’s the only person I really trust with my hair. I was her test dummy for all her learning on hair, so I know what she’s capable of.

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Stupid customer story: A friend reccommended a salon and stylist to me, His name was Chris. So I called and asked for Chris. A woman answered and I said “I wanted the hairdresser that does Jan’s hair.” She say’s “I do Jan’s hair.” I say, “I thought you were a guy…(yes, you all see it coming) and Chris says indignantly “I AM a guy”. Stupid part of story, I went ahead and made the appointment. All was good though.

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My neighbor used to do make-up and special effects for big Hollywood studios for movies and awards shows and such… she came back out here after she got married and started a salon that is like 2 minutes from the house. She is AMAZING. Quick and easy find.

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@chyna: That is an awesome story!

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