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How can we (peacefully) overthrow our corporate masters?

Asked by benjaminlevi (2992points) May 30th, 2009

People always complain how our government is controlled by business interests but neither major American political party wants to challenge the corporate forces that have so much control over our government. However, if we can convince our representatives that they will not be reelected if they continue to support corporations over citizens, I don’t see why reform would be impossible. This question is, where do we start and what can we do on an individual level?

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…don’t shop at them?

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…vote only for candidates who haven’t accepted any money from them (if you can find one?)

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if corporations have a disproportional influence it’s because individuals are too apathetic. the notion that corporations are evil plays straight into statism and even more government control of our lives. capitalism is not the enemy.

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@Darwin I voted for Nader

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shop at your local small stores. will be more expensive though.

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@benjaminleviThat’s a start. However, it would help if you could find someone to vote for who might actually get enough votes to win.

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What it’s going to take is for every person to stop thinking about life as a competition for resources, but instead a communal experience where the actions of one affect the many. Then we have to all stop working. Just stop. And the people in our communities have to ban together to care for each other. Doctors will treat the sick. Those with food and shelter will reach out to those in need. Collectively we can show the corporate succubi, and the power hungry, greedy politicos that we want something different. We want to be able to live with the knowledge that those we love will be taken care of, just as we would take care of others. When we get sick, grow old, have psychological and/or medical problems we need to know that we will not be abandoned or forgotten.

We have room for big business and government, but these institutions must be drastically overhauled. I don’t have all the answers (and I don’t want to end up writing an essay). But above all people must be of more value than money, and the old American Enlightenment ideals of modernity must be replaced with a more postmodern view of the world. We are all individuals, but we are all interconnected. We are human, but our cultures mark difference. Difference is good, should be embraced, and we should let it teach us that even though we do things differently we are essentially all seeking the same things: security, love, and acceptance.

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Stop buying things that are made or controlled by big corporations. Learn to buy used, make it yourself, or do without.

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Buy local as much as you can. Food, phone services, clothes, buy from local companies who source their products in your own region.

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Up the revolution, man! What are you talking about: peacefully? Ain’t gonna be nuthin peaceful about it. Power to the people! Gotta organize, man, overthrow the bloodsuckers. Peaceful, my ass! They got you controlled in your thoughts, dude. Peace ain’t gonna cut it. Gotta march in and bomb those suckers back down the oil wells they fell out of. It’s bombs for bombs, tanks for tanks. Only thing they understand is force. They crazy motherfuckers, dude!

The time is now! The place is here! Join the fluther underground!!!!!!

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@daloon I assume thats sarcastic? Violence will only scare away supporters.

@Noel_S_Leitmotiv I work for the state.

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Okay, dont buy anything

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Just don’t buy. When chicken prices went up in Trinidad (this was years ago) suddenly everybody was vegetarian. In a week prices returned to a normal level. A more organised protest was that by women in the UK, objecting to the higher costs of larger sizes of bras. The protest was most successful.

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