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How do you cheer yourself up when you're sad?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12569points) May 30th, 2009

:-( Need some help. I miss my sweetie, and I’m having a bad day. Every time I exhale feels like I’m about to cry.

Any ideas? I already looked at puppies, 700 pictures of them on google. I like puppies, though

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I play a jazz beat with my drumset
it really chears me up because it keeps me focused
also how calm and relaxing it is

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Listen to some loud rock music

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I read this article this morning about solitary confinement being the worst kind of torture. Can you get together with some friends?

Why are you having a bad day, anyway?

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look up jokes on google
or simply…just be on fluther
it cheers me up!

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If I feel like I’m going to cry, I let myself cry—otherwise it will continue to linger. I’ve learned to trust my emotional instincts and try to explore my feelings to discover why I am having them and what directions they might point me in.

So play some tunes that remind you of your sweetie, and write a note to him/her, or write in your journal, and let it all out. You will feel so much better afterwards!

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@hearkat: I’m the opposite. Once I start crying I can’t stop. I’ll just keep on crying or feeling like I’m going to cry for the rest of the day…and sometimes the next day… :(

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@La_chica_gomela: If you just cry you may keep crying; but if you cry as you write in your journal, you might find that working through the emotions instead of letting them work you is really a beneficial exercise.

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@cyndihugs: I’m trying to do that. Sometimes being on fluther when I’m sad can be bad, because I tend to lash out when I’m in a bad mood. (Like when I told “Dr. C” on another thread basically that I don’t think he’s a real doctor. Or she. I don’t know.) I say something mean or tell someone my real thoughts, which are usual dark when I’m in a bad mood, and then they lash out back at me, and then I’m in a worse mood. I’m trying to keep it positive today though. Trying

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do jokes help?

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Monty Python clips on YouTube. Or I call a friend and look to cheer them up. Or I’ll dance to loud pop music.

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@cyndihugs: Yes! They’re both great suggestions! Thank you!

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I wallow in it until an hour when it is socially acceptable to drink is reached.

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Go outside for a walk. A little sun on your face will make you feel great (but wear sunblock). Go shopping even if you only buy something that costs a few bucks. If you can’t afford to buy anything you can just try on fabulous shoes. Put some fresh cut flowers in your house. Open the windows and curtains to let in air and sunlight. When I feel down or panic sets in I like to keep myself busy. Clean out your closet and dresser drawers. Rearrange the pantry. Dust and sweep. Rearrange your furniture.

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Puppies didn’t work!? How about bunnies?

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<bookmarks bunnehs!> aw!!! so many mini lops! lurvehhhhhhhhh!

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Blow bubbles!

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When a sad feeling tries to worm it’s way into my mind, I banish it with pictures of things that make me happy, such as my sons and grandsons, and happy music.

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Did you see the little pink tongue on the 27 May bunneh? Oooh, so cute!

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This probably won’t work for you, but I play with my MHC. Nothing like having a three inch long bug crawling all over your hand to put a big grin on your face. They are as cute as six legged creatures can be. yeah, probably not for everyone, but hey, it works for me.

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Music, visit with a friend, Monty Python movies.

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@La_chica_gomela Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

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Laughing babies on youtube. Probably won’t work if you don’t like babies.

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Lighting little newspaper fires under the park benches where old people are sitting does it for me ;-)

Sometimes I drop firecrackers into the back part of a stroller. It totally cracks me up when the kids and the moms scream.

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@Blondesjon GA Thanks for the delightful link. My 2 year old grandson loved it, as did I

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@YARNLADY . . .The credit should go to 3or4monsters. Her answer is what reminded me of it.

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