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Have you ever googled yourself?

Asked by Fred931 (9409points) June 1st, 2009

If you have, did you see anything you wish wasn’t available for all the world to see?

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Yes, plenty of times. No, nothing I care whether the world sees it or not.

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Yep, Nothing bad about me there :p

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As above, respectable coverage . . .

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Yes, I have googled myself, and no, none of it is private information.

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Yes, I also own so that I control my online identity.

I also Bing-ed myself to see what showed up in their search engine… and it was disappointing that they couldn’t bring up unless I entered ‘myname’ versus ‘my name’. But I guess that is actually a benefit eh!

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Yes; Fluther and my employer’s webpage come up, but mostly genealogical sites are what dominate the results.

I Googled my son the other day and his friend’s MySpace pages come up where he has been referenced in their text.

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I had a client google my name while we were talking about internet visibility. We found a story a travel buddy wrote about us hosteling in Paris…. It was a good story but mostly false and a little personal. You can imagine what can happen while hosteling in Paris.
And yes, I have googled my own name before.

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Yes, to no luck. How will I be famous at this rate? What do I have to do? Throw shoes at some president?

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And actually if you google “yourself” you get about 390,000,000 results so anything personal would probably be thoroughly buried.

In comparison, when I googled my own name I got about 90 results.

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I’m a narcissist. What do you think?

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my teacher told me that’s a sin.

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Yeah. One time I found a 3D model I made in Google Sketchup on some dude’s website. He made a little flash applet out of it so you could view it in three dimensions in your browser.

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Of course! And no, the results do not accurately represent myself. Sure, I once won a poetry contest in high school, but that doesn’t make me a poet.

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Ive found a lot of my Fred931 alibis only by searching for Fred931 because i never put even my name online unless there are legal issues, such as purchasing a membership.

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Yes I have. Turns out I have the same name as a model, so nothing came up for me, just tons of info about her.

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updares on my fred931 googling:
someone took my name on Dailymotion and
i do not know why there are so many spanish-speaking fred931s out there.
That’s not my Bebo
tons of call Fred 931-555–5555’s

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@dynamicduo, put your ‘My Name’ in the metadata tags for the site, and it’ll come up. Or just put your name (invisibly, if you want) as the first thing on the index page. I did that in a font color that matched the background.

The only time I saw an unwelcome reference in a hit on my name was a borderline libelous posting by an acquaintance. He thought was humorous, but a stranger (such as a prospective employer) would have read it as an accusation of wrongdoing. I had to ask him several times to take it down, but finally he did.

The one huge surprise was to find some fictitious statements I’d written for an invented character as a hoax, posted on my website with plenty of clues that it was fabricated, cited as an authoritative reference for someone’s position on a serious philosophical website. I laughed until I hurt and my husband thought he was going to have to call 911.

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Yeah, that reminds me that I found out, years after it happened, that a long post (with lots of cites- you know me!) I wrote against hunting foxes with dogs for Usenet was pivotal in debates that led to the banning of foxhunting in England, and that there actually was some pretty funny stuff on both sides of the discussion- the anti-hunting side referred to me as “Professor” while the pro-hunters were busy tracking down info on me and trying to refute what I said!

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Yep, not much. :P

I’m not on any sports teams and I’ve never made the news, so I wouldn’t expect much.

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That’s pretty cool!

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I’m a well known member of the British parliament. Also, my father, Sir Richard, was knighted (hence the “Sir”).

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@Jeruba – Well ahead of you on that count. Not only is my name in the meta tags, but it’s on the front page in text, right there plain and simple. I think it’s more a side effect of Bing than anything else.

Sure enough, my checking of Google shows that between my twitter name and, I’ve dominated the page of my results. Sweet!

One thing is true, my real name and other online identities are not associated with this username here. I chose to differentiate myself completely so that I could feel more free to speak my mind, and I think it’s been a great strategy.

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Yes. But don’t believe everythig you read.
I’m not the doctor in Connecticuit
I’m not that spiritualist who teaches those ridiculous classes
And I’m definitely not the ponytailed, fat guy on the Harley in Texas.
I hope they behave and don’t get me in trouble. Maybe I should change my name…

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I have Googled me, but it keeps asking me if I mean another spelling. Pisses me off!!! I can’t even FIND me on there! If I did, there’s nothing there that would bother me. I lead a pretty clean life. I think

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@Lupin That’s your real name? I thought it pertained to the flower. Very nice name.

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I’m also a famous (deceased) cinematographer. In fact, I wrote The Cinematographer’s Bible.

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@oratio No, that’s not my real name. Lupin is a Japanese Anime character and now a Harry Potter character so it is very common. Lupine is the flower. Also very common. They are constantly bothered by aphids.

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I just Googled myself now and… aw, d00dz! I’m Number One! It’s my credits page on IMDb.

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@oratio and @Lupin, the flower name and also the character name in Harry Potter derive from the Latin for “wolf.” The Japanese name is most likely unrelated, unless it comes from the French (as in Arsène Lupin), in which case its root is still Latin.

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I guess I should have clarified (noting @DynamicDuo’s comment about the connection between the username and legal name); I’ve Googled both. Fluther and Yahoo! Answers and a couple other websites come up for my Username; and my legal name is an old family name from the 1500s, so there have been many of us since.

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I’ve googled myself a few times and I have yet to find anything that will link me to criminal activity or reveal information so personal that it would cause me undue concern.

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Anybody interested in controlling their information on Google should check out Google Profiles. You can tweak a lot of what is revealed about you. This is something I find very helpful as a person moving towards small business coming from a freelance direction.

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You see my imdb page, links to my honors thesis, some art installations i’ve done, fluther (obviously).

Oh, also, I’m a 10 year old kid who died, too.

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Sure I do. Why be on the internt otherwise? Our own private 15 min. of fame.

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Well, it’s pretty pathetic. There’s a musician, several car dealerships, a few politicians, some dead guys, and even a college freshman who appear on google before I do. I went thirty pages in before I gave up. So, I tend not to google myself because it’s too depressing. I’m not very important in the world anywhere outside my family.

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My real name is unusual to say the least, so I come up first, followed by an artist in Chile and a German soccer (okay, football) player. After that it’s my dad, my sister, and my brother, and some distant relatives in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Texas.

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Yeah I googled my real name and then my internet alias. Suprisingly there is a lot more stuff that is related to the lkidkyle1985 name than i realized, I need to fix a couple of things… lol but my regular name apparently there are a lot of me around, but i am on like the second page.

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@AstroChuck : I love all the comments I’ve ever read from you.

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@LKidKyle1985 Interesting. I will have to try that.

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Yeah I have. On Google, Youtube, all my social websites. Found some fellow namesakes. But not doing it again.

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Apparently, I’m also this cheeky little chap known as “AstroChuck.”

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Sir AstroChuck?

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@daloon Don’t feel bad for not finding yourself. That’s a good thing. You’re not in the 10 most wanted! ;-)

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Googling my name, with my maiden name, brings you to my facebook. But, apparently there is a singer with my name so she dominates google. Nothing but facebook really shows up, if you add my married name to it. I tend not to use my full name online.
I’m getting confused by all the “” thing. Are you implying that it’s actually your sorry for being dense

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@casheroo, I do own a domain name that consists of my first and last name followed by .com. And my husband owns one that is just our last name followed by .org. And there’s another one that’s a variant on our last name, and my son takes care of that. We have an unusual enough last name so that finding us via Google doesn’t take much. So yes.

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Well, well, well. This is interesting. I just did it again & I’m the first one that pops up. They’ve changed the site. Hmmmm

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Haha, yes, just now.

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Of course I have. Unfortunately it was not google search but local search engine. But still I did it couple of times =)

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All it comes up with is fruitcakes and Parisian wedding dresses.

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No, but I ogled myself once in the mirror to see what I looked like when I made come hither looks at someone. I looked stupid and a little gassy.

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Yes and I quickly discovered that the only danger inherent in my “exposure” was death by boredom.

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yep…yawn…Im nobody.

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My amazon profile comes up and all the reviews I’ve ever written. Somehow, my amazon reviews have made their way onto other review sites that I have no recollection of ever going to.

Thankfully no one can find me on Google through facebook, since I’ve kept that portion private.

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Yes…...I discovered I was in prison….not to mention the fact that anyone who chooses can also google me and learn every detail of my divorce…public records, ya know. So they pop right up there in line #1, Page 1

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