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Hip exercises?

Asked by Supergirl (1676points) June 1st, 2009

How can I slim down my hips? Everything else is looking pretty good, but I want my hips to be a little flater, for lack of a better word. I heard lunges is good for that, any other suggestions?

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Try slam poetry, catching an indie film, visit starbu…

Oh, you mean your physical hips.

No, sorry :P

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Haha, well i know one “exercise” you can do to work them out… and in fact, I volunteer to “help” you work out ;).

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Hip exercises would be good for getting stronger hip muscles, but if you want to “slim down”, what you want is probably less body fat around the hips. No specific hip exercise will accomplish this.
There’s no such thing as spot reduction. Body fat goes away everywhere at the same time, or nowhere.
Try cardio instead. (Running, bicycling, jumping rope, that sort of stuff.)

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I’m going to say that lunges are good for getting your hips tone. I fence, and there is no better workout for the butt and hips than standing in the “en garde” stance and doing some simple footwork.

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Aerobic exercise is the best way to lose extra pounds so that means running, spinning, or any exercise that allows you to elevate your hate rate for about 45–60 minutes.

Other exercises will strengthen your muscles but won’t do much for weight loss.

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Usually I like women with female hips…

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You say flatter, flatter what though, hips or buttocks? Lunges are fantastic as are pliets and squats and they will tone but not flatten anything.

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EDIT: That’s “heart” rate not “hate” rate.
Increasing one’s hate rate is not good for anything.

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You cannot spot reduce. Infomercials and magazines are lying to you because it will make them money.

You can reshape your underlying musculature (weight lifting, resistance training——lunges, squats, and step ups are great for the thigh/butt/hip area) and you can reduce your overall bodyfat through diet and cardio to reveal that better shape of muscle underneith, but no single exercise will make a single area remove more fat. You can reshape your muscles, but if they are still covered in fat then nobody could tell. And fat only really comes off all over and in genetically predetermined patterns (waistline is last for men, and hips/butt is last for women).

As for the hips, women genetically are predetermined to hold fat there. You might be lucky, and with enough cardio and weight training slim your hips (as well as the rest of you down in proportion), or you might have gotten the crap shoot of life and be one of those girls who’s still got birthing hips even when their body fat percentage is so low that their ribs stick out and they stop having periods. Good nutrition and a balanced workout will only do so much.

So, in sum:
1.) dial in good nutrition
2.) resistance train: FULL BODY, or you will look unbalanced.
3.) cardio

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The “keep fit” website Spark People has a number of cardio exercise videos on YouTube. I did the 10-minute jumping exercise today, and it’s a killer!

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Horizontal Mambo?

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Watch a Beyonce or Shakira clip. Learn the moves. Do them. Rince and repeat.

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