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Advice for wakeboarding?

Asked by JONESGH (3554points) June 2nd, 2009 from iPhone

So I’m going wakeboarding for the second time today. The first was complete failure. Since then I’ve watched YouTube videos and gotten some tips from friends. Any advice you guys could throw my way would be much appreciated.

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Try not to fall cause it will hurt sometimes.

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I assume you are having difficulty getting up out of the water. Is this correct? If so, insure that your legs are bent and your knees are close to your chest. Keep your arms straight and your back straight as the boat goes. I’m sure the people you were with told you to keep the board perpendicular to the rope when you begin, then you slowly move it 90 degrees as you are pulled up out of the water. They probably also told you not to “stand up” but let the boat pull you up- it’s good advice. You don’t need to be that strong if you have good technique. It’s much easier to show you then explain it in words, but I hope that helps.

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Don’t fall off! Keep your knees bent, and hold the rope for dear life. :)

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