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Automatically save email as html/text/rtf in a local folder?

Asked by joshuav (17points) June 2nd, 2009

i would like to setup an email client to have a filter such that whenever something happens (eg, an email is sent from a particular person), the email is automatically saved to some folder (that i specify), in some generic format (eg, txt, html, etc.). does anybody know of a good way to set this up? i couldn’t figure it out on mail or thunderbird (i’m on a mac). thanks

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I don’t use Thunderbird because it seems to have too many user issues, including a long history of filters not working. However, there is this download for Thunderbird filters from Feb. 2009, so perhaps after two years they’ve finally solved this bug?

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not sure what “call IT” means. the import/export filter add-on you suggests only imports/exports the filters. i don’t want to import/export the filters. rather, i want to export all the emails that get filtered. any ideas?

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