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San Francisco advice?

Asked by mehmetaydin3 (112points) June 4th, 2009

I might be living in San Francisco this fall. Can you tell me some good parts of the city to live that are not too expensive, and what to do? Where to shop, where to go out, drink etc.

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If you want housing that isn’t as expensive, move to the east bay and use bart to commute. There is no such thing as inexpensive housing in San Francisco.

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It depends on why you are coming to San Francisco. Since you wrote you may be living here this Fall (and if it is only for 2–3 months) try looking for a sublet or a share situation. It will be more expensive than living in the suburbs but if it is short term, you’ll want to spend more time living in the City and less time commuting.

The prime neighborhoods for getting in on the action for 20–30 somethings are Russian Hill, Telegraph Hill, North Beach and the Marina District. There are some short term rental places around Union Square and SOMA but in those areas you can walk 3 blocks and be in a less desirable neighborhood. San Francisco is so compact, people think they can walk everywhere. It is usually OK if you know how to “City walk” but don’t meander along draped in cameras in poorer neighborhoods. You might find something reasonable on the west side of the City in the Richmond and Sunset districts, which are more family neighborhoods. The west side is the most like the 1940’s/50’s with few chains and very quiet after 9 pm. Just perusing Craig’s list temp sublets run from $600—!000/mo for a furnished room.

If on the other hand you are moving to San Francisco, your best bet is the suburbs. If you don’t have a job and you are not a lawyer or doctor or other professional, you may have a better chance of finding a job in the suburbs. Some of the corporations have moved to Walnut Creek, San Mateo and Hayward. If you are coming here to find a job in the public sector, you might want to try in 2011. If you lived and worked in the suburbs, you could still use the City as your social base. We have pretty good public transportation into the City

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For affordability, look into Pacifica, South San Francisco and Daly City if you don’t want to commute across a bridge (tolls are expensive even with a monthly pass) from the East Bay.

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Also—everyone I know who moved to SF moved again (within the city) within a year. Find someplace nice enough, cheap enough, and with a reasonable lease term.

Likely, as you learn the city, you’ll find a neighborhood that’s a better fit. (Or just a nicer apartment opens up)

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I’ve just returned from San Francisco. If you love cheese, I recommend the Cheese Plus. Located at the corner of Pacific and Polk. I had the Parma sandwich (toasted) Delish! I think it is a little tad pricey though.

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My favorite at Cheese Plus is the Parisian. It is kitty-corner to where I work out. First you do the work out then you go across the street for a big ole sammy and other gourmet goodies. Then you can go to the 3rd corner and pich up some nice wine for dinner at the Jug Shop. Russian Hill is great if you can afford the rents.

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I have to disagree about neighborhoods suggested by Galileogirl (sorry!!) those are the more expensive places in the city. Check out Western Addition, Lower Haight, Mission, Bernal for cheaper places to live

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i think it makes sense to move somewhere such as berkeley or temescal (sp?) and commute over, via the bart. there are plenty of stations in that area to get you over to the city, and you can take a bike on them.

to me, the mission seems like it should be cheap. i have a friend there who pays 1600 a month for rent. tiniest apartment ever, too. but that’s SF and i still love it!

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