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What is your favorite David Carradine role?

Asked by SuperMouse (30788points) June 4th, 2009

I read this morning that David Carradine hanged himself in a hotel room in Bangkok. I am a huge fan of the original Kung Fu television series and I even liked the newer one, but I think my favorite all time David Carradine role has to be Woody Guthrie in Bound for Glory. What an amazing performance.

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Definitely Bill.

Oh my, I read a headline that he died, but hanged himself? Terribly tragic that he reached that place and wasn’t able to get help…

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What a shame. He was such a part of my childhood. I’m surprised I don’t remember what night Kung Fu came on since our family revolved around what night what TV shows came on for so long.

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Yeah, I’d have to go with Kung Fu (original ofcourse).
—I’m sadened to hear of the news.—

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I can only remember King Fu. I have a better memory for some of his brother Keith’s roles.

Wonder what drove him to it? It really sucks for the movie company since he was in the middle of a shoot.

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Kill Bill without a doubt. Uma Thurman was awesome and so was Mickael Madsen. Uma trained in the martial arts for 9 months in order to do that movie, Great stuff.

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::GASPS!:: WHAT??!! I grew up watching Kung Fu every week and loved him in Kill Bill! This is sad.

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Caine from “Kung Fu”. My parents didn’t allow TV when I was a kid but our neighbors convinced them “Kung Fu” was okay for teaching children diversity and social lessons so I was allowed to go over there and watch re runs with their family. I used to think grown Caine was hot!!!

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I watched Kung Fu when I was younger, that’s my sentimental favorite.

I just read the story, how very sad.

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Kung Fu grasshopper

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Aw hell… it looks like he was into erotic asphyxiation

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