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Would you ever date outside of your race?

Asked by swtsally (131points) June 4th, 2009

why or why not.

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Yes, except for african americans.

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I’m from the human race, which leaves about 6.5 billion people open, as long as they’re single and like chicks. :)

But seriously, yes, I have, and if I weren’t married happily already, probably would again. Why not? If they’re nice, and good to me, and we get along well, I’m not sure how deep their genetic tan is should dissuade me in any way.

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Sure. People are people. If race doesn’t interfere with compatibility, similar interests, or chemistry, then why not?

I wish I wrote @laureth‘s answer instead though

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@MrGeneVan Why wouldn’t you date a black person? That’s the only race you wouldn’t date?

When I dated, I didn’t disciminate based on color. A peen is a peen. Oh, and personality factored in there too. ;)

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@casheroo it was just how I was raised pretty much haha

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@casheroo a) “peen” gives me the shivers. b) You are awesome. :)

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I am currently, (and happily!) but when I think of in terms of family and… well, mostly, just in terms of family, honestly, it gets very difficult. It isn’t the differences in skin color, ect. Actually, I think I should answer like this. I would date someone of a different “race”; I just wish there was no language barrier with them and the family!!!

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@Likeradar don’t deny that you love peen

@mrgeneva so any other race is fine? What’s the difference between a black person and puerto rican? Your family would be okay with one and not the other? Also, you know you don’t have to go by what your family says….you are an adult and should realize prejudice is wrong.

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@casheroo The word peen, not the object :)

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@casheroo what have i said about the word “peen”? srsly. bad word. no!

as for the question, it’s more an issue of personality than race.

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@casheroo haha I know I know but it also became my personal taste as well.

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No, I have heard some pretty nasty things about Martian girls. Their personal hygiene leaves a lot to be desired. Ask Douglas Adams.

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My family is multi-racial in terms of human bloodlines. I guess if I weren’t married I would have to date Martians if I wanted to date outside my race.

Anybody know if Venusians are good dancers?

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i wouldnt date a Pygmie… !

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Oopps – thats cause im 6ft :)

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@DarkScribe: Did you see the new Star Trek movie? Green chicks are hot!!

Makes no never mind to me. A person is a person.

although, I might have to agree about Pygmies

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I think I would. To me, it’s what’s in the inside…not the nationality or color on the outside. I have a long list of men from here to the moon who are white that I wouldn’t date. Everyone is an individual. To me, people are people.

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Hey! I have dated guys a lot shorter than I am! Nothing really matters as long as you are compatible and he is tall in bed.

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Been there, done that. Wouldn’t think twice about it.

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Sure, why not

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Sure…pretend your at Baskin and Robins…Choose a flavor

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Would and have, many times. I think I’ve dated every color in the human rainbow. :)

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My boyfriend is white and I’m black. The only way it’s even kind of sort of been an issue is his dad and brother are racist

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Sure! Absolutely!

Shhh, Please don’t tell my wife.

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Of course I would. It hasn’t happened, but that’s just a coincidence. I was in love with a black girl once, but it didn’t work out. I also had a Chinese friend we used to go out with a lot, but that never moved forward either, we just stayed friends. But I’d have no problem dating people like that. Not sure if they would though.

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Well, the only race I consider myself to be is “human.” So… no. I’ll stick to just my race, thanks.

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I don’t know why you keep laughing. It’s not very funny.

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@Ivan: I thought the same thing. Seemed like a nervous laugh.

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If you do believe in the old anthropological definitions of race, I have dated and married out of my “race” as well as adopted out of my race. It’s only skin color and hair type and occasional cultural confusions, so why not?

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I would never consider dating only those of my race. How boring.

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I did date those of other races…we’re all human, right? I think.

@Ivan and @cprevite – that laugh is bugging me, too. It’s time to drop the “haha.”

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@Ivan, @cprevite & @cak Maybe it’s ha ha, like “I know I sound like a racist tool, so I’ll pretend it’s funny in case you people are stupid and will laugh?” At least, that’s how I read it.

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Yea cause I don’t like anyone who is the same race as me

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Yes of course I would! I will do you one better; I am dating a man who is quadriplegic! Can you imagine?!

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a) agreed with the multi-racial thing. Me too. How could I possibly date inside my own race? Would that mean dating someone with the exact same mixture as me? Or just someone mixed? Or does the question not apply?

b) I just think it’s interesting that so many people think it’s not a big deal at all. I wonder if it is a bigger deal to people of color because they/we don’t get the luxury of color-blindness (ie whites aren’t usually forced to recognize that they are white on a daily basis, whereas people of color frequently are). I’ve dated folks’ who had racist family members and that sucks – but even more than that, it’s hard to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t ever have to think about race when I do.

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@laureth woo hoo, good answer I’m a member of the human race, so as long as they are human, sure.
This is hypothetical, of course, since I’m happily married to my human husband.

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I just asked and got approval from the boss. She said I can date an Orion if she’s nice.
We wouldn’t want to start an interstellar incident.

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@Lupin Not a Pisces? :-(

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Well, I suppose I can ask… Are you green, too?

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I have dated and cohabitated with men of other ethnicities, religious backgrounds, and skin tones; both older and younger than I. I believe that love is difficult enough to find without limiting my options based on issues or traits that are mostly superficial and beyond the individual’s choosing.

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@Lupin Not even a little bit.

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@SuperMouse – But he’s a sexy quadriplegic, isn’t he?

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Honestly, probably not. I find very few women outside my own race to be sexually attractive, often due to variations in facial structure more than the color of skin. Of course, upon inspecting the genealogy of every girl I was attracted to before 11th grade I found all of them were 50% the same ethnicity I am, or more, and while that rule hasn’t been strictly adhered to since then (and was never adhered to in a consciously), the pattern remains distinct.
And while most of my interest in the opposite sex has been based on personality (well, serious interest, and it’s honestly appeared that way to me, whether it’s actually true I don’t know), attraction is an important part of any relationship: Romantic relationships are humankind’s mating ritual, so to suggest that it shouldn’t be is silly.

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Funny thing is that I have found very few men of my own race/racial combination to be sexually attractive. Almost every guy I have dated has been of a different background than I am, and many haven’t even been U.S. citizens.

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I’ve already dated outside of my race and I’ve even married outside of my race. Women of different races are beautiful to me, inside and out, in my opinion. If you find someone who offers you love, fullfillment, and happiness, I don’t see why skin color or ethnicity should make a difference. To each their own and variety can be a wonderful thing.

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@Bluefreedom: Honestly it shouldn’t, I’ve always looked for fulfillment and happiness before other things, but, as I said, attraction is an important part. (And I happen to find said people in my own race more often).
Also, have you married more than once outside your race? or more than once at all? You kinda make it sound like you’ve been married to multiple women outside your race but currently aren’t. Not that it’s my place to question or assume, I’m just curious.

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@astrocom. Attaction, of course, is important like you mentioned and I can understand your point of finding people in your own race more attractive than others.

I have married twice outside of my race. I’m on my second and last marriage now.

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@Bluefreedom, yea, I just felt like I should clarify. I didn’t really make a mention of the fact that I’m totally open to an interracial relationship, I just don’t think it’s terribly likely in my case.

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@astrocom. Completely understandable and there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

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@Darwin he is one incredibly sexy quadriplegic!

If anyone has seen Murderball they won’t find this too difficult to believe. And yes ladies, it is true what they say about quads….

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@Ivan Why so serious? I find this very entertaining.

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@MrGeneVan You’re right. Racism is HILARIOUS. It is so, so funny when people present themselves as racist and laugh about it. Silly Ivan…~

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i personally think this is a racist question. Why does it even matter .if you love them, date them. does it matter if they’re black or white or yellow or whatever. its like saying that you won’t date someone that’s wearing glasses or something. its stupid. so yes, i would.

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@mbubbles. How is this a racist question? It is just a simple query about whether someone would date someone of other races. There are no references in the question itself or the details that indicates racist leanings of any type.

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I always try not to date people who smoke, but that’s just a personal thing.

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@Bluefreedom it’s not a racist question, it’s just a curious one. I agree with that, but it’s a question that will attract a lot of racist answers.

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@mbubbles. And I agree with you on the potential for the question to possibly attract racist answers. Good observation.

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@Bluefreedom—Like the very first one, for example…

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@MacBean. Very true. There’s no room for doubt on the first one.

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