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How to start a juice bar?

Asked by Deepness (1145points) June 5th, 2009 from iPhone

I’ve managed to convince family to fund an organic juice/smoothie bar I would like to open. I am researching and need help in knowing how to start my venture and get the ball rolling.

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Take an entrepreneurship class or seminar. They’re easy to find, just google the phrase and your city or area. You won’t regret it.

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You need a lot of knowledge about how to run a business, what the tax laws are, what the competition is, where you can get ingredients, how to write a funding proposal with a high chance of success, etc. Basically, take a “running your own business” course.

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I really hate to say this. But using money from your family is a bad idea. If the cash isn’t a big deal to them then go for it. But If it their life savings avoid it.

And since you are serving food you will need to deal with health inspectors. Employees will need a food handlers card. But that is easy.

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You must first check local laws to make sure you know the proper permits, business licence, etc.
I would advise that you have enough money in reserve to live for two years without drawing money out of the business. Otherwise, your chances of success drop drammatically.
Research location. And, when you are done researching location, research location again. I can’t tell you how important that is.
Secure a reasonable lease and have all documents reviewed by a lawyer.
Negotiate with vendors for price. If at all possible, hook into a franchise or other business venture so that you have more purchasing power. This will reduce your costs for product.
Keep your food costs at or below fourteen percent.
Don’t try to save money by missing any sort of payment that are required such as FICA, taxes, etc. That will catch up to you and cost you fourfold.
Don’t rely on family. It’s nice if they want to help you out, but, don’t set things up so you are reliant upon them.
Expect to be working seven days a week, twelve to fourteen hours a day. I know that people think it is great to work for themself and be their own boss, and it is in many ways, but, food service is labor intensive and most of the labor will be yours if you want to see a profit. You have to be a hands on owner/boss if you really want the business to prosper.

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