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Why is it getting hard to buy ammunition?

Asked by AnnieOakley (237points) June 5th, 2009

What’s up with ammo these days – Wallyworld has none, GI Joes has none, no one seems to have any. I had to order on-line from Cabella’s and there is a long wait with none in stock. At least this is the situation with .45 caliber – I don’t watch much tv, something going on with this?

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Because wingnuts are convinced Obama will “take away their guns.”

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No it can be, if you can buy some it’s easy and if you can then hard, you will have to look, it can be easy and sometimes hard, where do you live? then you can get some

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?? Washington state. Generally it would be available everywhere. The last few months (maybe 5 or 6) it’s been gone and I’ve had to get some from the range. Haven’t thought to ask anyone what was going on except a couple of Walmart people who said they didn’t know.

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start buying in bulk

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@PupnTaco is right. There have been reports about a run on ammo, because of the morons thinking Obama is going to take away their guns. It’s actually an old story.

Google it.

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I have to agree with @PupnTaco. The last time a friend and I went to buy some ammo, several stores said they were often sold out quickly ever since the election. People really did believe their right to bear arms would be taken away. My local firing range says their membership and firearms orientations have risen 68% since the election.

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Where are you trying to buy it, church? Never heard of such nonsense. I buy ammunition all of the time with no problem.

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I think it’s political. The manufacturers are making less to inflame the right wing base into thinking that Obama is going to take their guns away.
here in California it is really hard to find.

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Mr. Callahan – where do you live? What state?

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Get your gun.

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people are concerned about the availability of ammo in the future. This is Aug now and I can see some signs that prices are coming down. It’s not that folks are worried that guns will be confiscated, no that will never happen. The majority of Americans do believe in the right to keep and bear arms so taking guns is clearly political suicide. BUT…... there will more than likely ,to have interruptions of ammo in the forms of some restrictions and heavy taxes or any other way to make gun ownership too expensive for the average person. People are also concerned about importation of certain types of ammo being stopped. There are some ammo that is only made overseas so banning that kind will have the same effect as a gun ban when its gone. its like when gay marriage was legal in very few places and couples raced in droves to get hitched before it became illegal again. People just want to get more of something when there is a good possibility of that commodity going away. Also there is that psychology of rebellion to want something because there is a ruling body saying you cant have it. Americans don’t like being told what to do.

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Because the founders thought that citizens were mature enough to not require that the word ‘ammunition’ be included in the 2nd amendment.

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They ran out of just about all of the smaller calibers here in Missouri.
A lot of people were buying it because it scared the people in the news so much. “Zomg, moar than 1 billion bullets and guns bought since Obama was elected! The crazy people have guns! We’re all gonna die! And there are no bees! We’re ALL GONNA DIIIIIEEE!”

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