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Are you the type of person that lets things get to you or the type that lets things roll off of your back?

Asked by Jude (32120points) June 6th, 2009

Do you tend to take things personally? Do you take things too seriously? Do hold grudges and have a hard time getting over big or small issues?

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Define things. I react to what I perceive as “injustice”, big or small against anyone I like or care for – or feel empathy for – but most other issues don’t worry me. I certainly don’t hold grudges – I have experienced too much of life to take it seriously.

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90% of the time I will let things go, which is a good thing, because that other 10% gets the full side of me that I don’t even like.

i do tolerate that side because it does come in handy…it’s a big cold world folks

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Most of the time. Very few people have a 100% success rate in this.

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Usually I let stuff go. Much of what happens in life really is not as important as people try to make it.

When I do choose to make a stand it is on big issues.

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I wish I could be more like my husband. It’s 50/50 for me. Just depends on my mood. or if I have my husband by my side to remind me to just let it go.

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I look at what bugs me, weigh what affect I can have on it by acting out, look at who all is effected if I take action, consider what negatives I could run into and then… I choose.

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I often don’t get why people would get upset by things. People also often ask me if I ever get mad.

However, if I do feel injustice has been done I can really let something get to me.

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Depends on the situation but I am learning to control my emotions..sometimes things bother me and they shouldn’t..sometimes I have every right to be upset but choose to stay in control until I cool is hard to be balanced

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There are very few things that I can’t let go of. I have more important shit to worry about most of the time.

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I am a person who holds on to things until it tears me apart. I’ve tried “learning to let go”, but I just don’t think I am to that point yet. I think too much, and until I accept that I deserve good things to happen to me, I am going to let the bad stuff eat me alive.

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I’m much more of a let things go type of person than I used to be, and I actually owe a good bit of that to my time on Fluther. The times that I still get my panties in a wad are when people espouse negative perceptions of me that are untrue or when I butt heads with a user who violates my sense of Flutheryness (for lack of a better term). Many times I have been overcome by the drive to take those kinds of people to the mat until they cry uncle or leave.

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I used to take things personally and get bummed out by much of it. Through yoga (which I only started doing to improve my flexibility so I wouldn’t end up in a wheelchair someday), I’ve become much calmer and apparently more confident since I don’t take things nearly as personally as I did a year ago. I’ve been able to forgive some pretty bad stuff lately as well. Life is good.

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I’m controversial…depends on the subject.

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I remember a lot, let’s just say that

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I suffer from bouts of indignity once in a blue moon but I’m also a very patient, forgiving, and understanding person by nature so it’s safe to say that I shrug off most of my problems and only contend with a small number of them that might have the potential to significantly bother me.

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I have developed the ability to completely turn off when I need to. It took a while but it is useful as it allows me not to react to things that are not truly important. Very few issues require my wholehearted concern.

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@Midnight_Blue I have developed the ability to completely turn off when I need to.

You didn’t seem to be turning off to Blondesjon on that other thread.

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>You didn’t seem to be turning off to Blondesjon on that other thread.

I know. I was bored and there was no one interesting in any of my chat-rooms. I have another two hours to kill and don’t feel like reading. I am still new here and was forgetting that this isn’t really a chat.

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i’m more likely to let someone that wronged me get off easy than someone who wronged either a friend, or is being discriminatory. i let most insults that come my way roll off my back for the most part, but i get defensive when it’s to someone else i care about, or when someone’s being bigoted.

but i always remember!

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