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It makes me like them more :)

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I dont know… that baby seems pretty arrogant and smug.

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That’s why I like him

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It makes me like adults less, for turning a baby into a creepy, little freak. :D

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Never really liked them in the first place.

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Pfft. I love the e-trade baby! Come on, he’s hilarious. As to answer the Q, the e-trade baby doesn’t change my opinions either way on babies (which has always been that they are adorable). It does make me like e-trade commercials more and wish for more funny commercials.

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I love that kid, and when he admits his disappointment with the clown he got, it’s pretty funny.

I like babies fine, regardless. Especially when I can hand them back off to their parents when I’m done cooing at them.

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I adore those commercials, they just make me laugh

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My child would make a better e-trade baby.

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hah, you asked this on once

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I hate seeing what I consider to be exploitation of children by inserting them in commercials that have nothing to do with children. It’s a blatant attempt to sway my thinking, and all it does is make me dislike the advertising agency, and the company that perpetrates it.

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I think he’s hilarious.

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I love that baby. This is my favorite one. “Yo girl, can I hit you back?” Bwah haha!

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I am ambivalent about children in commercials, although the baby in the Quiznos ads was pretty funny. If eTrade wasn’t exploiting some kid in their commercial, they’d be exploiting some animal, and have the wrath of PETA-heads showering down on them like the Second Coming.

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It makes me like E-Trade less, that’s for damn sure.

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The time I saw him in one of the commercials, well, I thought that he was awesome. I think he is darling… I will take 3 of him!

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