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Is it a cheese grater or what?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12537points) June 8th, 2009

I know there was already a question about the ped-egg, but I keep seeing commercials for that Dr. Scholl’s brand product that looks like basically the same thing. It looks like a cheese grater, marketed for feet. I’m scared! Have you used it? Have you at least held it up close? What’s it like?

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I just looked in the sidebar and it seems that people that have used it say it’s okay

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@applesaucemanny: Yeah, and one person, Carla, said it was too dull, so she bought a microplane in kitchenwares, and uses it on her feet! You can see how these kind of statements would lead me to ask this question!
<chica hides under the covers now>

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It’s just one part of a good pedicure. Sort of like sand paper, you start with the coarse and move to the finer in order to get a smooth surface. This is the coarse step. I cringe when my manicurist uses it, but it doesn’t really hurt.

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I had a Ped-Egg (I lost it somewhere along the line). It is basically a mini cheese grater. It doesn’t hurt and it does help smooth the heals, but I have no plans to go out and buy a new one.

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They use these when I get a pedicure and they work fine. Pedicures are my one guilty indulgence. I highly recommend them, especially during the summer months.

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It definitely doesn’t hurt. I mean, maybe it would if you already have baby soft feet. Just give it a try. Slowly and light at first if you’re scared. I bet you’ll be grating away in no time! But, just as @Judi said, you have to start with the Ped-egg then down-grade to something finer, then finer still. Then a good scrub in the tub and a nice heavy lotion or cream makes them nice and soft. Oh my gawd I need one so bad.

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It’s not a new concept. There have been files for feet for decades. The “egg” business is just a marketing gimmick.

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It’s definitely a cheese grater. It’s not like what they use at the nail salons I’ve gone to, which use something more similar to I guess sand paper.
I’ve used a ped-egg once (I fear getting my mother’s feet!) and it felt so weird. I was worried I’d hurt myself with it, if I did it wrong.

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Why not just use a pumice stone… ?

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It is basically the same thing as a pumice stone, just more expensive.

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It’s a little more coarse than a pumice stone.

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I’ve never had luck with a pumice stone.

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My wife uses it and it sloughs off major heel skin without pain. If you soak your feet in warm water first it works even better.

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@gooch It says not to do it on moist feet. I didn’t read the instructions and tried doing it after the shower, and it didn’t work :(

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It took off more skin faster after the soak. Maybe they are scared you might take to much off.

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@casheroo : It didn’t work for me post-shower, either.

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It is great for both. The cheese on your feet and the block in your fridge.
The best part about it is you don’t need to clean it. Ya wont know the difference.

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