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Is laughter really the best medicine?

Asked by Garebo (3190points) June 9th, 2009

Today, a person I communicate briefly with made me LOL to the point hours later I am still laughing; yes, she was a city employee I briefly communicate with-yes, my life may seem shallow.
But really, how important is humor to your day to day grind in providing you with happiness.
I work with lots of engineers, so it is not easy to get a laugh from anyone-they always seem to analyze the comment for authenticity before any response. So, humor in the workplace is precious and rewarding.

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Yes, Laughing causes the body to release good hormones promoting healthy growth and function.

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Humor is one of the most important things in my life. I truly truly depend on it.

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no, alcohol is.

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If I didn’t get at least one good laugh a day from a fellow flutherite I wouldn’t be on fluther. (I’m on daily)

It does a body good.

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No seriously I do. I’m not joking.

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It’s the only thing that keeps me from randomly breaking into tears.

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I’ll go with Penicillin.

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No the best medicine, but it sure does a body good.

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2nd best to reciprocal infatuation or love.

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Oh yeah. I fought through countless chemo treatments, painful surgeries and burning bone pain to the point where I considered stopping all treatments because I thought I couldn’t take another second. The one guaranteed diversion, laughter. With family, friends, or with friends online – at times, it was far better than any pain med they gave me.

Now, going through some med issues, again. A good laugh a day is necessary.

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^^ responsible for much of my laughter

I lurve you @cak!

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Is laughter really the best medicine?
Yes. That, and the morphine suppositories.
Hey, is that David Carradine over there?

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Laughter doesn’t cure syphilis.

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@jonsblond- I lurve you, too! :~)

@The Compassionate Heretic – True. Chemo doesn’t always cure cancer or leukemia – it hasn’t for me, I have a chronic form. Laughter; however, kept me going. Chemo just pissed me off! ;~P

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic no, but you’ll enjoy it during syphillis.

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I do identify with the sentiment that laughter is a good holistic remedy

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No, that’s Vicodin.

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@cak: what’s going on?

@Garebo – seriously – although laughter releases endorphins, so does crying. I think the best medicine is feeling your feelings. Preachy enough for ya?

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@susanc – complications from chemo…one too many. Blah!

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It may not be THE BEST but it sure doesn’t hurt. ...Unless you laugh hard enough to pull something. That sucks.

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Yes, laughter is the best medicine but healthy doses of sarcasm should follow quickly afterward or be mixed in from the start.

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Scientific studies have shown that laughter and a positive attitude do indeed help in healing. The thing that might make it the “best medicine” is simply that it is free.

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The way I see it, if I can make someone laugh every day I have had a better day. If I can make someone laugh really hard that is even better; ultimately, if I can get one to stop breathing momentarily, snort or f… that’s the ultimate.

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“Laughter is the sunlight of the soul.” I got that from my snow globe and completely believe it. It can heal sadness or depression, and gives hope. I do think it is possible for it to heal sickness, no matter what other people think, but I completely believe it can heal a sad soul. I think the reason doctors and those guys say laughter is the best medicined is because it gives hope and it is best to go through something hard with hope. It’s like if you are not confident you will win a basketball game, you most likely won’t win it and if you are confident, you are not only in a better mood but you have a better chance of winning. I know that I could not live without laughter and humor, it’s is a huge part of my life.

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