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Anyone ever hosted a Prom themed party?

Asked by alialiali (8points) June 9th, 2009

I want to host a party that is Prom themed. I did not realize how fun prom was until I graduated. Has anyone done this? Any recommendations?

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no, but that’s a great way for me to meet some teenage girls. thanks for the idea!

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@eponymoushipster . . .Chris Hanson on line 1 for you. He said he’d like for you to “take a seat?”.

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@Blondesjon 18 is still a teenager. also, i know what he looks like.

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Don’t be afraid of the tack and cheese if you have the party. Revel in it.

A corny backdrop for pictures
A soundtrack of the top songs from the years you were in high school
A ridiculous theme, like “Under the boardwalk” or something
Make sure everyone comes in prom-appropriate (either realistic or waaay corny) Prom attire.
Spike the punchbowl.

@eponymoushipstr Put down the hard lemonade…

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@Likeradar i know one girl who could come in her NKOTB tshirt. and it’s rum and coke.

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oh likeradar thank you!

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