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Can we take a moment and just give thanks for the wonderfulness that is Fluther?

Asked by loser (14987points) June 10th, 2009 from iPhone

Thanks Andrew and Ben!!!
And thanks to all you swell folks that help make Fluthering so fun!!!

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yes, we can! Thanks for a great site, Bendrew!

or what @dannyc said :)

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I am very new to online social networking of any kind as I am reluctant to be on facebook or whatever, perhaps it is a generational thing. But this site is very different, very intriguing, and I learn much each day that I explore it. So thanks for what is a truly unique and important piece of my daily life, making this old brain still churn out an answer. Great people, very kind, and who have helped me just in reading what they have to say. I thank all who participate and give their answers freely and with passion.

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There is always time for gratitude, for anything. With the case being Fluther, my sincere thanks to Ben and Andrew for creating such an enjoyable and interesting website for everyone to enjoy.

Additionally, thanks to all the excellent moderators for all the time you put in and for wading through the unpleasantness that sometimes goes with being a moderator.

Finally, thanks to all the marvelous Jellies here who have become good friends, fellow intellectuals, and all around pleasant and charming people that make the Fluther experience worthwhile.

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I would like to thank Fluther for giving both my wife and I a forum to be who we are. I know that 99.9% of the time this doesn’t work, but for some strange and gelatinous reason it does work for us,

Fluther, I have your back. Nobody fucks with you.

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Thanks a heap, a half, and a helping to Bendrew, the mods, and all the great jellies.

I never thought I would get hooked on anything on the Internet (despite using it daily), but ian certainly addicted to Fluther.

and I’m not going to any twelve-step program

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I am also very new to online social networking. I couldn’t express my feelings any better than @dannyc or @Blondesjon.

Thank you Ben and Andrew and to all the fine jellies for providing me with daily laughter and knowledge. I will gladly make a pancake breakfast for everyone. just promise to not put the leftovers in the frizzer!

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Thanks immensely, it’s such a beautifully done this site =)

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Um, this question might get removed, but in the meantime…

Hell yeah! Fluther rocks. :D

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Left On By Fluther Moderators.

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Milo here; Considering that Ben and Andrew are humans, the site’s not bad.

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Thanks for the people I have met that have made a difference in my life or have added to my life. Gail, this means you too, but mostly Milo.

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I would just like to add that while Ben and Andrew have made a great site, it’s the community that makes it important to me personally. Thanks, jellies!

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When I log onto fluther, it feels like I just walked into the local warm and cozy diner. Bendrew is there to greet me at the door with a smile, a big “good morning” and a copy of the newspaper. The aroma of frying bacon and fresh coffee fills the air as I look around and see the usual friendly familiar faces with a couple of strangers in one of the booths. I order the usual (tall stack of pancakes and some coffee) and settle into my seat just outside the direct firing line between Blondesjon and eponymoushipster. As usual Astrochuck is running around like the six year old he is, throwing out bratty but very clever quips. I glance over to Harp, who as always provides a calming influence. All my favorite friends are here sharing stories, experiences and knowledge. In one corner, the discussion is about politics, in another it’s religion and across the way its all about relationships. Suddenly one of the strangers, now feeling comfortable among the group stands and says, “I have a question perhaps you can help me with: Is oral sex really sex and if I do it with someone other than my girlfriend, is that considered cheating.” We all bust up in uncontrollable laughter. Yup, another day of learning and laughing and sharing it all with good friends.

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Feel the lurve everyone.

Fluther proves that there is intelligent life on earth.

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Fluther, I don’t care if you keep me from my homework. The small group of people I have met on here gives me more than any math assignment ever will.

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Wonderful answers, wow.
Thank you all.

And thanks mods for letting this question stay. You guys rock too!!!

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Eh. Fluther’s okay, I guess.

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ungrateful brat

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Kids these days…

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Yeah- and we are supposed to believe that from the dude who was fluthering while driving with his knees through California.

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Like fuck. All this site does is serve the giant American egos.
Ok, some debates are worth while and seem to actually help people with problems but when subjects turn to world affairs…. Oh my god! Don’t you Americans love acting godlike, with opinions that can’t be argued. Such a shame but I now understand the worlds general contempt for you.
I feel so much better now.

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@Bobbydavid…Welcome to fluther. Anytime you feel like venting, why, we’re here for you. See you around…wtf

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You’re delightful and thanks for the warm sincere welcome. A wolf in sheeps clothing. The perfect American. Hitler would be so proud. WTF

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[mod says] Flame off, please.

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Right back at ya mod! WTF

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yesiree; mama always said, “never trust no one with two first names” there

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@cprevite. . .He’s named after his two daddies.

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@Blondesjon: Just to be on the safe side.

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I Love Fluther! Thank you Ben and Andrew for a fabulous creation!

@Bobbydavid, it is pretty impressive that in two posts you can insult about 90% of Fluther. Obviously your ego is big enough without this little board feeding it, so why not head on out?

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Me wondering why loser is sucking up to the gods.

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Sucking up?!! Why you little…

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Boys.. go to your separate corners.

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or stare into each other’s eyes and lean in, lips softly brushing against each other…

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@Blondesjon: Wouldn’t that be borderline statutory rape? :)

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I joined only a few days ago, but I’ve found the site interesting and a great place for open minded discussion. I’ve even learned a few things. So yes, thanks for the great site, good work =P

@Bobbydavid I just love how you generalize EVERYONE in America. Not everyone thinks the same, you know. I’m a very peaceful, open minded person, yet you insult me? Who’s the one full of himself here?

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@Phobia Welcome to Fluther!

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absolutely. i lurve fluther !love

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