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Will TMobile USA ever be Apple iPhone's carrier?

Asked by WhatThaF (168points) June 10th, 2009 from iPhone

supposedly apple’s contract with AT&T ends 2010 or 2011.
I have tmobile, but I want an iPhone. my tmobile contract ends this dec2009.
I wanna keep tmobile ..what are your thoughts between apple and tmobile USA right now? I know apple carries tmobile in Germany.. and I hate that. Why not the US?

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TMobile needs to step up their game in America a lot if that is ever going to happen.

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I doubt it…Apple has no real reason to start making them for t-Mobile. They are smaller compared with ATT and Verizon.

I have T-Mobile and wouldn’t give them up at all. :)
An unlocked iPhone works fine on the network and you’ll be paying a LOT less for the data.

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Last I saw AT&T had secured exclusivity for the iPhone thru 2010

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Had TMo for many years. Unless you can find a better plan, or a phone (like the iPhone) that you are willing to pay more for, don’t leave them. I was always happy with their service, their price and their response to any problems. Anytime I had to call them I got a live person within 4–5 rings.

Now I use Sprint, because they offered me a killer plan ($30 for 500 min, free data and SMS). If Sprint ever cancels my plan, I will most likely go back to TMo!

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