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Were can I buy Macromedia 8?

Asked by Joinni (34points) June 11th, 2009

With dream weaver, fireworks, flash all in one.

It has to be all in one.

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Best Buy, Office Depot, etc.

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You mean the old product? As Adobe acquired Macromedia and now all that is part of their Creative Suites… Macromedia no longer exists. You can check out the various options at http:/

You may be able to get an old version of Macromedia on ebay from someone who is selling used/old software.

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I think I have the Macromedia MX 2004 suite laying around somewhere, which is the version prior to 8… eBay or some other independent seller may have it.

Sad thing is I pretty much only used Fireworks… I do my development in a code editor and Dreamweaver was just too heavy for that. I dabbled in flash back then, but only really got into it with the CS3 when they finally cleaned up actionscript enough to make sense.

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do you think £75 is a good price?

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Hmmm hard to say… it is 4 years old software, but still usable. I see on amazon some sellers have it for $359 USD used. Which is crazy…

I assume this is for used, but I did also see some selling as new (don’t know how that could be) on amazon. Do you know if it is the pro or the basic version? There was a difference in the included components for Flash. Also there was academic pricing and the academic version was different as well (the splash screen will say education version). For the pro version non-academic £75 is probably good, but for the edu version £25 or the basic I would say £50. Honestly though I have no idea… it depends on how badly you need this.

Also be aware if you are a Mac user the Mac version is not Intel native if I remember correctly. Which means on current Mac hardware it will run in the translation/slower mode.

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It’s brand new. No idea if it’s pro.

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