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How do I get my girlfiends to throw a baby shower that is fun for guys too?

Asked by amber (98points) June 11th, 2009

My girlfriends are throwing me a baby shower and I want my guy friends to enjoy it too. I would love some thoughts on what might bring guys to a baby shower – besides beer and free food.

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Topless women would get their attention. Beer would cement the deal.

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Leave them all in a room with a PS3 or Xbox360 with beer and chips

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I went to a baby shower once. It was painful.
Beer and free food are the only things that would get guys to a baby shower.

Those two elements withstanding, you’ll need 4 XBox’s with Gears of War to keep their interest.

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who wants to watch a baby get washed anyways?~

a stripper getting a shower – much more interesting.

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How about having a couple of the female guests do a little mud wrestling or Jello wrestling for the male attendees? Or, we can get a couple of @eponymoushipster‘s strippers to do it also.

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how about making a baby for a subsequent shower? keys in the bowl, spin the wheel.

everyone’s attention will be fixed.

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@eponymoushipster. Live sex acts might be a little bit over the top…LOL

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Interesting thing. We don’t have things like that in my country. Is it about presents or checking out the baby? My sister just had a baby girl. Of course I’ll swing by and poke it.

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@Bluefreedom it would take a lot for me to attend a baby shower.

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@oratio yeah we don’t do things like that in this country. laws about minors and what not.~

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@eponymoushipster it would take a lot for me to attend a baby shower.

And a really sturdy umbrella…

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Have all the guests wear French-cut bikinis.

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I think the baby shower should be about what you want, not others.

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@DarkScribe but you can collect them afterwards and make baby oil.

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I see the Men of Fluther have offered some brilliant suggestions, but honestly other than what they have suggested I just can’t see how a man can enjoy a baby shower. I have yet to meet a man who would be able to honestly say they have enjoyed a baby shower.

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@SuperMouse Well, what do you do there? It’s cool to see a newborn and talk about it, but is it supposed to be a party or what?

It seems like a gathering where you drink coffee and share baby experiences.

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@oratio no, it’s typically prior to the birth. you “shower” the mother (or parents) with gifts, in preparation for the child.

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You could buy a babydoll & play touch football with it…hehe!

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@eponymoushipster. I don’t know if I could ever attend a baby shower no matter what they had for extracurricular activities.

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Yeah, my husband had no interest in my baby shower. He hung out with all the men, doing whatever men do.
I know if he had gone, he would have just though “Jesus christ I have to put all this crap together tonight?!I actually did make him put everything together, I was 36 weeks pregnant and nesting hardcore lol

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The shower for my first child was a coeducational affair. The most interesting thing to come out of that was a scrap book, in which everyone drew a picture and said something to welcome our first kid into the world. My daughter looks at that thing over and over.

The present opening was pretty much of a bore, but we hung outside with our beers and whatnot. Otherwise, it was like any other gathering of friends. You would not believe the things they have invented for babies!

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We went to one where the guys had a fun time. yes…there was beer and food involved, though. There were races to see who could completely dress the baby the fastest – but it’s guys vs. girls. Let me just say that a lot of the women sucked and the guys won. We also all placed bets on who would be the one to pick the delivery date or the date nearest to the delivery date. My husband was the proud winner of $200, which we promptly turned around and bought another gift for the new family. Sure…the winner of that doesn’t know right away, but it was fun figuring it out.

It was also planned as a BBQ, you have to understand that it won’t be the traditional shower and you need to think of it as more of a friend gathering.

…we also did gag gifts for the dad. OH…....I forgot about the maternity clothes race, too. (guys and girls) Anyway, it was quite the sight to see some of the guys in some of those clothes. They didn’t win that one. That pantyhose over the shorts and getting them on, completely confounded them. ;)

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@cak They didn’t win that one. That pantyhose over the shorts and getting them on, completely confounded them. ;)

Cruel. Cruel. Oh so cruel!

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I love @daloon‘s suggestion! The scrap book! I want to do that now! I mean, if I ever…grow up enough to have a…a…oh, you know.

My (male) SO and I went to a baby shower recently that wasn’t too bad. I just asked him and he said “I had fun” but couldn’t remember anything that stood out as different about it. The main thing (I think) was there was a lot of milling around, guests just chatting with each other and greeting the parents-to-be, and then the presents were pretty quick at the end, as opposed to the opening of the gifts being the main focus.

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