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How to restrict useage of downloaded content on an Xbox 360?

Asked by aanuszek1 (2290points) June 13th, 2009

First off, let me start by saying that I really, really dislike freeloaders. Recently, I have purchased some DLC from the Xbox 360 Marketplace. Two Call of Duty Map Packs, 2 Halo Map Packs, and One Live Arcade Game. It totaled to about $50. I only then realized that my brothers, who have separate gamertags on the console, are able to access and use all of my DLC. Is there a way to block them from using it and make them have to buy it themselves?

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Gee. Sibling nastiness. How unrefreshing. Were you always mean spirited?

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Separate x-box consoles ?
Failing that why not share with them , maybe divide the bill between you all .

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@sandystrachan: It was right after I bought them that I realized that they have access to them. Being 15, I don’t see a lot of money, and I figured that ten dollars from each of them would be fair, (I have two brothers) still leaving me with the larger portion of the bill. They still said no.

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If you really don’t want to share with them try this :
To configure your child’s settings for downloadable content:

1. Start from the System area of the Xbox Dashboard or—if you’re using the Xbox 360 system for the first time—from the Initial Setup Complete screen. Select Family Settings, Xbox LIVE Controls and sign in using your Windows Live ID.
2. Select Content, Downloadable Content.
3. Select one of the following settings:
and select block see if that helps any tho i have a feeling that may just be for downloading, as i dont think M$ ever though people would share an xbox

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@sandystrachan: I did a google search and found that. I think I would have to do that on their gamertag and still, that would only block them from downloading it. If push comes to shove, I’m just going to delete all the stuff I bought.

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heres a crazy thought since its a M$ why not transfer your content to a usb dongle ?
Or wont that work on the xbox , you could transfer it from the dongle to the console if it wont run from the dongle

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You should definitely try being more selfish and immature.

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I would wait until you have the cash to buy a xbox360 memory card and then transfer all your DLC to that, then when you play you just plug in the card and it should all run from that. I don’t think the USB idea would work but it is a good idea. Also, how old are your brothers?

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I would definitely wipe my ass with the 50 bucks you spent just to keep them from enjoying your virtual purchase… I mean it makes so much sense.

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