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What's a easy way to start rock climbing?

Asked by Joinni (34points) June 13th, 2009
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The easiest way would probably be to take a class at a local gym or college. They can teach you the basics and many places have indoor rock climbing walls now. I think the classes are pretty cheap, so just do some calling around and see what’s on offer.

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I live in the UK, a college close by say on their website “All you really need to get started is a pair of climbing shoes and possibly a chalk bag” Now I can’t believe this to be true.

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@Joinni Hmm. Call them up and ask what, specifically, they teach you. Ask if you’ll learn about safety, equipment that is necessary and how to properly use it, etc. If that doesn’t work out, try checking out some gyms, too.

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I will do, I think they’ll only help people doing courses.

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That might be, yeah. A lot of the colleges in the US offer classes for people who want to do them recreationally, without actually going to the school. You just have to pay a small fee, so see if they offer something similar. Good luck. :)

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When my kids were teen-agers, they started to boulder and rock climb. You need someone to show you how to be safe first, and then how to climb.

Here is some of the gear: “REI”:

(And it’s “chock,” and not “chalk.”)

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Find a rock???

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I would start indoor, most places offer training on how to become “belay certified”. You can take classes on how to properly climb walls, and leave rope behind you through the loops and so on as well.

But if you want to just learn how to climb, technique will come the longer and more frequently you climb. I’m naturally a very good climber…try to think of it as a strange ladder, it’s very important to use your legs to push you up. But it’s also very important to use both your arms, and legs in unison.

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@Joinni Where are you in the UK? Are there any indoor climbing gyms anywhere nearby? If so, go and they’ll have classes. You need to learn how to rig a safely harness if you’re doing any toproping, and it’s good to get some basic techniques down, otherwise you’re going to be looking at very very sore arms in your near future.

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I live in Pembrokeshire, it’s a collection of small towns close to the sea. I know there are places with climbing walls but no GYMs as far as I know but I will double check.

We have lots of cliffs, I just want to join a group so it may be cheaper.

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@Joinni Oh, that’s what I meant. If you go to a place with an indoor climbing wall, I’m sure they’ll have resources for you.

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