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Vista Users - is this how Vista usually works? Please see details.

Asked by SirBailey (3125points) June 14th, 2009

I recently bought a computer running Vista Ultimate 64 bit. I experience little glitches every now and then. My task bar has a mind of its own – occassionally, an icon can appear in duplicate or not at all (I’ve checked the settings); earlier today, the volume control failed to work, desktop dream scene goes to the default black screen at the slightest “hiccup”... Is THIS the kind of problems people complain about with Vista? I’ve run anti-virus checkers and all turn up negative.

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Welcome to the crazy world of Vista! Yep. I’ve had all of the above and more. Honestly, I can’t remember how I fixed the issue. I disabled a few things, but some of it is just Vista being Vista. You can go to the Microsoft Website and read about Vista and there are some was to fix some of the issues. that’s basically what I did. Also, make sure you download any patches – I have an older version, and Adobe needed a patch to work properly. Some of those things stopped some of the weird things.

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yeah. Sounds normal

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To answer your question, yes that is how Vista usually works. Check it for spyware.

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My Vista came pre-installed on an Acer laptop. I’ve found most of the problems are actually related to the video card and Acer add-on software that is woven all throughout the damn thing. It would be interesting to see if a clean install of only Vista would have so many glitches. Are any of you running a “clean” install straight off dvd, without add-ons? Does that work any better? But yes, Vista is certainly a piece of crap anyway. Haven’t got around to wiping it and installing XP yet.

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The only repeat problem I’ve had with Vista is losing audio. It doesn’t happen often. I have to restart to reactivate it. Other than that, I have no complaints with Vista. Now, if you care to talk about Internet Explorer, there’s a program loaded with problems (I’ve made Safari my default browser).

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I have experienced no problems with Vista (On a Dell Optiplex 745) other than the user interface being a major pain in the ass. Early on, I shut off UAC, and that took care of many of the annoyances. IE7 remains a contemptible piece of shit, but unfortunately, that is all they’ll let us use at work.

Vista is a RAM, CPU, and disk hog. Windows 7 is purportedly better – but if you can stick with XP, by all means do so.

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@WTF and @Ich…. IE is the devil. I’m simply convinced of that fact.

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Note: 64-bit Vista is much worse than 32bit. I own both.

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Nope not at all. Im running Vista home premium in 64 bit and Ive never had a problem with my OS. But my Hp computer on the other hand is total $h!t. Hp has some almost impossible driver problems. Could you post your spec? Vista wont run well on anything with less than 2 gigs of ram. And virus are most likely not a problem. Ive gone on to many “questionable” site and I keep going there even though all my programs tell me not too.

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