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Any Flutherites ever been in a life threatening situation?

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The odds are pretty good.

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Yes, but I don’t like to think about it.

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I am currently in a life threatening situation. This dam computer is taking over my life.

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Nearly got shot last night in east Texas. Heh.

I’ve had so many close calls, sometimes I feel like the universe has got it in for me. No really, I’m a peacemaker. But I am always witnessing violence. That and I’ve had a few near misses on my bike.

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I’ve been in a car going over 90 on a highway at night. I was not driving. I will never be a part of anything like that again. I know the highway was empty and nothing happened, but it’s not something I’m willing to risk. Not much I can do when I’m sitting in the backseat of the car, though.

Other than that, not much else I can think of.

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Live a little. I’ve done 165 in this

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This highway has curves, though. We were racing to Carmel (not actually racing a physical presence; we were racing to beat a time already set by another group). And for the record, we won. :)

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Every time any of us gets into a car, we are in a life threatening situation.

At age 12 nearly died from a botched appendix operation, and I had breast cancer about 8 years ago.

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Well if that’s the drive you need this

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I have been shot at, stabbed, in car accidents (both inside the car & out), caught in brawls and nearly fallen off a cliff. The funny thing is that almost all of these things were a result of my lifestyle choices and as such all happened between the ages of 16–19. It’s a miracle that I survived my teen years. At least now in all my modest desk job glory I have some cool scars to remind me that I will always have a wild streak.

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Yeah, thanks to my mother.

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@Ivan You sound like a magic 8 ball.
@seventhsense Was that a hearse you were driving at 165? :)

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I guess I was with all the idiots driving like dumbasses on the road at those speeds.

I was attacked by two guys.

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i was going to die when i was small

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oh yeah, blood poisoning for 1.5 weeks

then 3 years later and asthma attack for 3 days

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A man broke into our apartment and shot at my boyfriend, barely missing him years ago. I hid behind the bed and screamed my head off until he was gone, and probably for some time after. Luckily he was as startled to find us at home as we were to have him break in, so he shot once and ran out the door.

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Oh, a ton of us. Myself included.

Sometimes, it happens on Fluther.

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@asmonet ..great answer/

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@scamp – oh my gosh! A world with no scamper! That DICK!

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@asmonet: I was just about to bring that up. Because it only counts if your life is in danger while you are on Fluther.

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Dodge Magnum, with one of the greatest engines Chrysler ever made the Hemi.
Now I want one of these.
Gas guzzling 6.7 liter , ball shaking, politically incorrect beast…

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Boys and their toys.

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It’s been known to cause a tingle among the XX chromosomes too.

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I almost choked to death when I was 6 weeks old. My parents called over our neighbor, who was a nurse, and she administered infant CPR and saved my life.

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Three times I thought for sure I was going to bite the big one. It’s not at all that uncommon, given the state of the world and the replies I’ve read here.

There are approximately 600 deaths per year due to choking on ink pens. Even something as simple and benign as office supplies can be fatal.

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Due to personal experience, I do not like guns that are pointed at me.

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@Bri_L ha ha!! You’re stuck with me! He missed.

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Well as long as we’re on accidental occurences. I drank kerosene when I was 2 and they had to pump my stomach. That was seriously life threatening.

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i was recently attacked by a mob of angry militant vegetarians while i enjoyed my rare porterhouse at a local eatery….there were so many of them i feared i wouldn’t escape with my life! fortunatelly they were so emaciated and weak that when someone opened the main door of the place a slight breeze came in and blew them all away…. saved by the draft!˜

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PETA strikes again.

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