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Wii balance board problems?

Asked by Toninmd (1points) June 17th, 2009

I purchased a wii balance board and the Jillian Michaels Ultimate 2009 game. At the beginning it asks me for all my information and when I get to the balance board I keep getting movement has been detected, please remain still. I then have to get off, it tells me to get back on. I’m standing still and I still continue to hear her tell me that movement has been detected. I was on carpet but them moved to hard wood floor and still hear this message. Can anyone help?

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That shouldn’t be happening on a hardwood floor. Have someone else try it. Unfortunately for you, you have no way to know if the problem is in your Wii board, OR your Wii components OR your software.

Do you have a friend with a Wii you can test the board and game on? You also should get hold of another balance board game to see if you have problems. I forget. Doesn’t the board come with some?

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It does, but I have to take it back because when I put it in the system, it comes up blank. I can play all other games but the wii fitness CD is blank.

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I had issues with the Jillian program too, but it was just getting stuck and not able to figure ut how to go back.

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