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What is your purpose?

Asked by Simone_De_Beauvoir (39012points) June 17th, 2009

Do you have a purpose? Does it connect to religion, to your children, to your future, to your death, to your passions? Is it not important to have a purpose, does it change, have you figured it out yet? Do you want to have more goals? Are you good at doing that which you consider your purpose?

I used to think my purpose was to become a doctor – I have now realized it is simply to help others because they’re less privileged than I am and an additional purpose of my life is to raise self sustaining children who will change society and achieve great things

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My purpose is to raise my children to be good people, and beyond my family it is to help people. That’s why I want to be a nurse, to help people, show them compassion at their weakest moments.
I am not currently a nurse, but I’m on my way.

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right now…it might be cliché but… to find my purpose!

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I don’t really know yet. I hope that’s normal for being 17…

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Right now, to raise, protect and teach my daughter. I distinctly remember thinking “I finally have a reason to be” after I had her. Beyond that, I’m still trying to figure it out. I’m not entirely sure we have a purpose other than what we choose for ourselves.

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My purpose is to live out the miracle of life that I was given.

For me, that is best done by not limiting myself to a single cause.

I am fulfilled by the marks I have made on people’s lives that I have known.

I am not finished.

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I don’t know. At the moment, my purpose is to get over myself and the old stories I tell that actually have nothing to do with who I am anymore, if I would only let go of them.

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@casheroo that made me smile, I am so proud of you for working towards becoming a nurse – I really respect that profession

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@lynneblundell how do you, specifically, go about doing that?

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@DominicX at 17, my purpose was to get into NYU and that got accomplished but I should have had others

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To demonstrate that religion and capitalism are incompatible
and that theism and communism aren’t

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My purpose is to clean up my act before I die so my kids won’t inherit a huge mess. This is complicated by the fact that I’ve written a lot and published almost nothing. So I have all these notes that are very, very personal. My sons don’t read stories – they read technical stuff. I don’t want them to read my stuff because they won’t know how to understand it.
So “cleaning up my act” may involve making something presentable out of some of these stories. Yikes.
And I’ve made a lot of paintings. Little by little I’m getting rid of them because they take up a lot of space. I just used an 8×3-foot painting on Masonite (of how my mother looked right after she died) to patch some pieces of wall. I had to ask her (astral) permission. She was delighted, because she didn’t think it was flattering.

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hey, can someone tell me how I can address multiple users in one single comment…after I respond to one and try to do @ another user it doesn’t work

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@mammal well, yes, that does sound like you

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@susanc that is very very interesting

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Well, then I guess mine is to graduate Stanford. After that, I don’t even know… :\

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To love. (I think.)

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@peyton_farquhar no thinking necessary

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To “be” for my kids

And to keep my these glasses I am wearing from falling to the floor and breaking.

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Today, my purpose seems to be to bug the ever lovin’ crap out of my husband. His honey-do list is a mile long and I just added another project. That man must love me, I’d kill me, if I was married to me!

Anyway, my other purpose is to be a mom. I know this at the core of my very soul. I do my other things, but being a mom, that’s it for me. I like being a mom. It’s my job to help raise my children, show them the right path in life, protect their health and welfare. I’ll consider my job complete, when I die. Until then, I’m on the job, 100%.

now…back to bugging my husband!

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My purpose is to Glorify God. Exactly how I’m supposed to do that is not always clear. I think the most important thing I try to do (sometimes with more success than others) is to be kind, loving, understanding, compassionate, and available. I this day and age just that seems to be a welcome exception to the experience a lot of people have of Christians and that is really sad. Hopefully, when I screw up, people won’t judge my God by my bad behavior. I’ll take the credit for that, but I want God to get the credit for the times I get it right.

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@Judi that’s really something

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To raise and protect my kid.

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My purpose is to be happy and enjoy this weird and extremely improbable phenomenon known as life and existence. And even this is a challenge from time to time, especially figuring out what exactly makes me happy and able to enjoy life. I’m working at it from multiple angles, crossing out things I know don’t or won’t make me happy (religion, marriage, reproducing) as well as fostering those things I do know help to make me happy (crafting, developing close relationships with people I care about).

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I think if you type the whole name with the @ it will still come up as a link…try it…it might work?

And in answer to your question…Generally I think I am just trying to do what feels good… if it makes me feel warm and positive and tingly…it’s bound to be in line with my purpose… (i reckon!)

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@lynneblundell yeah, it doesn’t always work

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Purpose? I don’t know. What drives everything I do? Maintenance. Maintain body, shelter, relationships. I hope to find a purpose in that someday.

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To make your life a living HELL!!!

j/k… well, maybe not… no really, just a joke…. really…

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To seek the Holy Grail.

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@benjaminlevi – serious nights of the round table giant wooden badger shrubbery nee-laden great big…..tracks of land LURVE for that answer.

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Purpose shmerpose.

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To glorify God by knowing Him and making Him known.

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@justn just…stop it

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This may sound cliche..

I have now realized it is simply to help others because in helping others I am helping myself and hopefully manifesting joy/goodness in a often cruel and unforgiving world.

I find joy in making others smile..I like to inspire, uplift and encourage people who like myself sometimes need a kind word and hope.

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I don’t have a purpose I have two smaller fish, not that a purpose is a fish, I know they are mammals, but they both live in water is my point and neither one of them is a replacement for a dead parrot.

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To answer this question more seriously, my purpose (at the moment) is to find my purpose, as I am so lost right now.

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@benjaminlevi – I meant no disrespect to the question. If you look up the thread I did answer it seriously.

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To learn, teach and (inadvertently) be happy. My purpose in life is to learn as close to everything as is possible with the time I have and then teach what I know to others to the best of my (currently very limited) ability. Not too long ago, I thought my aim in life was simply to be happy but upon understanding myself better and learning from various experiences I came to realise that though such is indeed some of my purpose it is achieved, for the most part, by the pursuit of the other aspects that build up said purpose; learning and teaching.

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In my law enforcement career, it is my purpose ‘to serve and protect’ and I’ll do that to the best of my abilities. If you need help, give me a call.

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@Bri_L My reanswering of the question was not prompted by you

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@benjaminlevi – Sorry, I didn’t want to offend you with the joke. My apologies.

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@Bri_L I wasn’t offended

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