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Never had a girlfriend. What do I need to know about dating?

Asked by picardo (9points) June 17th, 2009

I am 28 and I have always been on my own. I have had relationships, but they didn’t last. Now I think I want to become involved with someone, but I am afraid she will discover of my lack of experience and reject me. Am I right to be worried?

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If somebody’s going to reject you for something like that, you probably don’t want to be dating them anyway.

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Read “How to Succeed with Women” by Louis and Copeland and do about 10% of what it says. Written for guys and an excellent read.

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Don’t worry. Just be yourself. If they don’t like you they aren’t worth the trouble.

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She may well discover your lack of experience. Unless she is as innocent as you, she will. But don’t you go deciding how she will take it. She might be utterly charmed. It’s really not all that great to find out that your man has been with a hundred women before you, you know.

If she finds this to be a deficiency that she herself isn’t delighted to correct, look elsewhere.

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Find somebody exactly like you. I know that’s a bullshit answer but it’s true. If you wait you will find someone who shares your interests.

My wife an I married young and the top two reasons I married her is because:

She knows and follows football. She’s no poser. She can & will scream for the flag and almost get my ass kicked in a bar just because her precious Broncos got beaten by Jacksonville. (it was her birthday)

She drinks beer. Not liquor. Not foo foo mixed drinks. She likes drinking beer.

have i mentioned she loves football?

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Be yourself, and no don’t be worried I know a shy boy that likes my friend and he’s fine with being all inexperienced. If she really like’s you she will understand.

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Not really A good answer but whatever.Sorry

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Many girls will find it charming that you have little experience. Don’t worry about it. The only way to be experienced is to experience.

Be a gentleman, be interesting, be kind, be generous, be fun to be around. Be yourself (hopefully, you’re an interesting, kind, generous, fun gentleman. :) ).

Don’t be pushy or overwhelming, but when you like a girl, don’t hide it. In the late 20’s, many girls are looking for a husband or a commitment (yes, I know that’s not true of everyone). If you want to play the field, which is normal especially for someone who has little experience, don’t lead a girl on to think you’re more serious than you are.

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What radar said. And everyone said before.

Do what interests you. You’ll meat girls with similar interests. Listen. Ask questions. Then listen to their answers. Then ask more. It’s exciting really, even with other people.

Then when you do find yourself with the right person you will be with her for the right reasons.

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Actually you don’t start out by meating them.

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@Jeruba – Woah, you have that right. Blasted spell check. And in this case that has an entirely applicably and unfortunate meaning.

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@Bri L
“You’ll meat girls with similar interests”.
Great F-slip! ;)

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I fuck up and Jeruba gets all the lurve! hehe. I laugh every time I read that.

Talk about double meaning. I truly didn’t mean it that way. Kinda negates what would have been a nice point. hehe.

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Be yourself, be utterly open and honest, and invite various women whom you think you’d love, until one loves you.

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