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What would you name a juice bar?

Asked by Humble (54points) June 18th, 2009 from iPhone

If you were given the opportunity to open your own juice/smoothie healthy food bar, what would you name it? Also, what kind of items would you offer? Let’s say the food items were 100% vegan and no cooking was involved.

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Salmonella Delight

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Nature’s Bounty

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The Happy Carrot

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Squeeze me Inn

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Juced to life

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Loosey juicy

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juizz /b/ar

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On the serious side though, you could call it a few of several things:

- Fresh Refreshers
– All Naturale (play on Au Naturale)
– Juice Smoosh

And you’d better have blended up smoothies made from all the different veggies and fruits


among others…

And you can’t forget the ice.

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how about just “lemon”?

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@iwamoto you made me grin. Up your answer for you!

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Randy Moss opened some around here and named them INTA Juice. Kinda catchy.

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Take Five

(as in the requisite 5 servings a day of fruits and vegetables that we should be eating and it also means take a break).

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Although I lurve @YARNLADY‘s answer

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The Main Squeeze

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Adam’s Apple.
I’d have to change my name to Adam. Fluther is fantastic (no, not for a juice bar). You people are awesome. I love all your ideas.

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